Wish you'd love my love.

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    you will seem like such a creep if you have her number and you never got it from HER.
  2. Send it! I want to see the reaction!!!
  3. As ball twitchgly glorious as this is, don't send it son.

    Unless you know this wench I would avoid sending otherwise it will not be effective.

  4. Hahah, you're right. I guess i won't send it :p

    I do want to really meet this girl sometime though.

    I just never see her, not sure if i will see her again actually.
  5. Well on second thought, my only investment in this is for my own amusement, that's why I'm on the internet. Plus, stranger things than a positive reaction have happened.

    After further consideration I say go hard.
  6. :devious:

  7. :devious::rolleyes::D:ey::bongin:
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    Its a Nice poem but tough situation. You can always put "from your secret admire " lol. Dude with the sappy stuff, Its usually a hit or miss with the girls from my exp.

    Honestly i dont see it creepy you wrote about someone you havent met yet. I say fuck it and hand it to her personally. What exactly do you have to lose? Back in the day, that Would sweep alot of girls off their feet.
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    Haha, i know.. too bad the traits of that time don't apply for today's standards. The more i think about receiving something like this from a random person that i've only met a couple of times, the more strange it seems.

    I just wrote it on impulse when i woke up the next morning.

    I'd probably just end up getting burned. Think about it, i'd have the thing written up on a piece of paper or something in my pocket all folded up, i'd see her at the party, walk up to her without ever really talking to her. Hand it to her and say " Here, i wrote this for you." Give her a smile, then walk away.

    I've met her a couple of times and we've just said hey i'm blah blah, where are you from blah blah. And that's pretty much it, so i'd just end up going over to her and handing her it.

    Then it'd be just like her reading my OP? I feel like she'd just turn to her friend and say look at this, haha. Then i'd be the joke of the party, probably from there on out.

    But i'd have to say to have the balls to do something like that would be kick ass. And if it actually worked, damn. It might be worth it to try it.

    Not like i have much to lose right?
  10. Nope, Well i guess if you dont care about what ppl think then i guess you actually dont have anything to lose.

    It does seem strange But only Cuz our society made it that way now.

    It Would give alot dudes hope that their are decent women out there still if it did work.

    Id say do it, if you actually had spend more time with her, but just keep it. You never know what will happen. She may one day ask you out, and zinggg, you pull the love note and live happily ever after. :laughing:

  11. If you've seen this girl, you'd know that every guy on the planet has asked her that question. I'd have to go about getting it in a different way if she were to give it to me willingly :p
  12. So why don't you ask? If she likes you even the slightest as a person she will give it to you. Getting someones number is nothing, it just gives you contact to said person.
  13. There's always a bunch of guys trying to talk to her, and if i were to go up to her and ask i'm sure she'd just give it to me, but who knows if she'd actually want me to have it.

    I'm starting to feel like a pussy.

    I never see her though.
  14. You're exactly right. Might as well not even try if there's a small chance you will get rejected. Carry on with your life without a girl. :wave:

  15. You've convinced me.

    Next time i see her, i'll go up to her and say hey.

    In the end i'll ask her for her number, and we'll see how it goes.

    Doubt she'll be interested, but you're right, it's worth trying..
  16. Hell yeah man, goodluck.
    Just remeber Its not the end of the world if she turns you down.

    Right now Its just getting her number, so dont be totally romance But put on a Nice charm. A good Smile (if you got dimples make sure they show lol) and complete eye contact is a very good start to getting her number. Your a Nice dude from your posts, i doubt shell say no, Just be confident. Goodluck :smoke:

  17. Thanks bro :smoking:
  18. Move the fuck on.

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