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  1. Hi y'all it's Chris I cheated and bought a PAX 3 on Wish..it won't link to the cell phone app but otherwise it works great.
    I also got the Budkups and a water pipe attachment off Amazon. The Budkups work good it's a great idea for weed on the go.. the water pipe attachment didn't fit ..but the Pax 3 is a great system.

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  2. Your Pax is counterfeit.
  3. Yeah but it works and only cost 50.00
  4. and you get to inhale soldering and toxic plastic fumes from off gassing of cheap materials. They aren't the same. The fakes are not made with medical grade materials. You're better off smoking at this point. China doesn't make quality knock offs of anything.
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  5. Definitely agree with the other blades. When it comes to true vaporizers you can't go cheap unfortunately.

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