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Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. Please send the karma my way. me mum and dad are coming to visit all weekend long for their annual trip. They will search my house from top to bootem being snoopy and I've been on a clean-up for two days counting and one to go. I hope I have hid everything good.
  2. Karma on the way!!! Stash it......Stash it good, lol. What the heck are ya gonna do bout BPP's "Coffee House" room, claim it's a shrine to the King?? :smoking:
  3. wow, on tv right now there showing a huge coke bust like 10 miles away from my house, damn this is the second one this week....

    sorry about that. much luck man, atleast your parents didn't come without telling you.
  4. sux u have to hide even as a grown man, but at least your prepared....gl, i hope you have a good time seeing your parents
  5. Good luck mate! I hope you HID EVERYTHING!
    Hope the 'rents don't find ANYTHING, not one thing!
    They'll think you're an immaculate cleaner, too, so that's a plus.

    I always do this when my 'rents come (they're snoopy too):
    I pretend to be them, and go around my house picking random things up and moving things around. If I can find anything incriminating, I didn't clean up good enough.

    Hope you enjoy the time with your family :)
  7. Good luck. I couldnt imagine just having the bong on the coffee table the parents chilling on the coutch. Ugh uh. =)

  8. i'll send all my luck your way as i'm sure you will need it more then me....

  9. I send luck your way bpp. All the best and don't worry. They won't find anything... At least I hope not- it'd be a shame if you got grounded at 40 something... Seriously tho don't worry about it. If they find it they're not going to disown you or shop you they'll probably just give you a lecture. If you stay calm IF THEY DO find anything and just tak it over with them and explain that u've been doing it for years and have still kept a good life i'm sure they'll understand. Having said that I don't ACTUALLY know them so... just ignore me- i'm talking shit again... :p
  10. Have you ever had to hide a bubble bucket machine? It ain't easy. As for my "coffeeshop" I just took all the junk I could find in my garage and pile it in the doorway from top to bottem and then took all the extra junk like lawnmowers, weedeaters, shovels, etc, and parked it in front of the door so they can't get in.

    If my mom catches me it will be endless stories for the rest of my life about how pot's going to ruin me, etc, what about your kids/bad example, and then the worst - stories about all my relatives who have had bad experiences - really bad - with drugs. It would be no use explaining to her that smoking grass is not going to start me on to heroin or coke and I'm not going to wind up with seroius health problems like my relatives.

    Yeah, I'm 37 going on 17! LOL
  11. I'm tellin' on you!!!LOL
    Good Camo idea for the "coffeeshop" unless they decide to "help" you get organized!!!
    Still wishin' ya good Karma til the visit is over!! :smoke:

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