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wish me luck....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. gonna buy an oz for 150 today been doing this for a year now but half the time i get ripped off :/ any advice to avoid this? i keep buying off him cause hes got good weed for cheap but still cant get it out of my head that if he can he will screw me :p wish me luck that i dont get fucked :D
  2. Good luck getting a scale, because that's all you need in order not to get ripped off.
  3. good luck on your purchase :D

    how does he rip you off? if you're a loyal customer why would he want to rip you off? i hope you don't get fucked, but fucked up instead :D
  4. where do you live that you pay $150 for an oz.? it only costs me about $110 and its good shit too.

  5. ounces range from ~30-450, depending on supply and demand, and the quality.

  6. Oh, yeah, im not good with amounts. : (
  7. what are you buying thats 150 an ounce? thats hella cheap.
  8. If he can then he will and you are allowing him to.Weigh it first or find another source i'm sure he is not the only one with good green.
  9. on a range from 1-10 the geren i get for 150 is about an 8 its good stuff i dont think he will rip me off its just that last time i gave my buddy the money im suspecious that he ripped me off and not my dealer
  10. If you want a job doing properly do it yourself.I trust noone when it comes to money and weed,Good luck.

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