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wish me luck

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. or whatever....
    i re-enter the dr.s office :rolleyes: wednesday somthing i have been greatly avoiding for just about 2 years. aha you say,...she is under care!,...hehe., well i was., for a thyroid thingy,graves disease, (definately sounding much worse than it is) but not a good thing at all. anyhow i got a little scared, when dr.s tell you shit like off the charts, surgery, rest of your life. i kinda been hiding from them all for a while.
    its a huge deal for me to go back. but frankly ive been kinda sick lately and no longer have a choice.
    and im tellin you all this because....
    well if i stat actin crazy it will be prescribed acourse
  2. Sorry to hear you have to go to the doctors, hope this thyroid Graves disease is nothing too serious... I have never heard of it, but "surgery" and "rest of your life" makes me worried for you! I avoid doctors like the plague. Hope everything is alright, let us know the outcome of your visit! I will smoke and say a lil prayer for you on Weds, and if you come back crazy we will all welcome you back with open arms!! :)
  3. Must be why I married one. 'Course I was drinkin' a lot in those days...........:)

    Wednesday eh?

    OK. My spirit will be free that day so I'll send it to go with you to that mean ol' Dr.'s office. That way you'll have some company! The sacred chicken strips are also on standby. Hollar if you need me to call them into play!

    Be cool.
    Be calm.
    Be well.

    We're here when ya get back.;)
  4. I just hope that Dr. is WRONG. Or at least, that surgery is not in the future. But, if it means you will feel better and have more energy, then it is wise to go to the Dr. Damn, girl, I will be thinking of ya Wednesday, and please be sure to let us know what's going on. Pm me if you want to talk, I'm here for ya.

    Smokie, just be sure to thaw the chicken strips out first.

    Love ya, Higha, and everything's gonna be allright. Hell, you got all of us, don't ya?!
  5. Well, looks like I got back in time!!!
    First-I wont rag on ya fer not goin to yer doc......OK-I'm lyin'-DAMMIT GIRL!!! Take care of yourself-I know you have people in your life who love you and don't want to see you sick!!!! Doctors suck but you GOTTA do it!!!! With that said I have to make a reminder note for myself-checkup time!!!
    Second-my BEST friend had a kidney transplant 3 years ago. It was a scary thing. She's very hardheaded, though. She's doing fine but has had to go back in for two hip replacement surgeries and a hysterectomy. She totally amazes me. I can tell you have that same......umm....lust for life, shall we say!! Do what you gotta do and get it done. Just don't stress over it too much. It will be okay, girl. Oh yeah, my spirit will be free for a few hours Wednesday-I'll send it with the holy honey-mustard to anoint the chicken strips. Love ya High-good luck!!!!
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  7. :) thanks for not raggin on me stony'....i knew the time was comming, not like i can hide forever. *sigh too bad for me. when i decided to blow off 2 seperate specialists and my family doc, i figured this was all not too bad and could be handled easily. wrong. its progressed quite nicely just like they said,...hhm who knew?...migranes being my worst problem and tremors just embarissing...makes me feel like a crackhead or somthing.
    but ah... im going to be allright. :D its not my dr thats scary, infact he's very nice. ive just not been ready to hear what he had to say or nowhere near ready to do what needed to be done...on second thought it IS the dr.s that my dr. will send me to thats SCARY. it kinda funny i know my family dr. has been expecting me. enquiring to family members it shall not suprise him when i stroll in, tell him if im ready to take care of myself now AND would he like to meet my invisable friends
    .......... in the waiting room, "hey 'scuse me dont ya see my FRIENDS here?... your sitting on a very funny guy" .
    hugs to all of you
  8. "Luck -n- Stuff" (I hate it when things have to get serious)

    All will be well.

    (Okie, you have to tell me where I can find the original story of the chicken strips I have be hearing you speak of them for over a year now and I was wondering...)
  9. Man I don't even remember where that came from. I think maybe when Justme was around a lot, or maybe it was Highya, ........I've smoked and slept since then. Ask Poppa he sometimes remembers things for me!:)

    P.S. I just bumped it for ya over at da 'hooka.

    That was a fun time. I miss Justy:(

    See "No weed" by Justme in Mellow~

  10. good luck to you ,che can set you free from the pain .if it gets to bad come here and leave me a pm.we can take a walk in the peace and quite of the back woods away from the pain your mind well want to see and feel the pain that has come with in its world but dont let it befreind the pain teach your body to set away from the pain and trun its back to it !look at your family they are your pages read them know them love them they well love you and help you ,strong family strong love ,strong healing powers from within,look for it know why you have time .build your sheld of armor! and set threw the storm face it and see threw it like the fog thick and around you but in the back of your mind you know it well pass like the wind and the days of time !my che helps me set my mind away from the pain if it is bad ,but i life it at times to remind me i am a live,walking and loveing your family and leting them love you is you best way to fight the pain ,pray and walk stright on ward threw it as we know you are a fine love preson and well stand strong and fight the good fight,if it gets bad come here ,i know pain well its a spirit i have gotten to know ,he can be beat.good luck ,we care tazz11
  11. thankyou tazz for your thoughts. i know exactly what you mean about getting along with/aroundpain~~childbirth for example, if you embrace pain, welcome it even, let it become you its its a wierd sensation,,(*lil note here, during the birth of one of my 1000 children after embracing and accepting my pain in full labor my eyes rolled back into my head and some dumb nurse yelled at me and slapped me in my face...a whole new pain :) )
    in the past several months my weights dropped dramitically and im frighting my children....eeeeek i go
    thanks agin
  12. Well Dayum, I just now saw this post. Good Luck Half Pint! You're going to to be OK!, I feel it in my bones, your too tough not to come back from this.
  13. i'll be their in spirit look over you you'll not be only! re member what you mean to others it well give you the faith you need!i well pray for you and i know the man frist hand! good luck tazz11
  14. sooooo, ive been taking thyroid medication for 2 years now.
    the first part of the procedure was taking a radiation pill that slowly over time (about 6 months) destroys your thyroid, your thyroid controlls your hormones and metabolism these 2 things effect your personality greatly. the worst part was waiting the 6 months for my thyroid to stop functioning completley before i could start regulated medicaton (synthroid) that sucked and i fealt really bad. it took another year and a half of slowly increasing the dose to the correct amount. feeling pretty good now. knock on wood no more panic attacts, migranes, or leg cramps, no more 3 or 4 nights ina row of insomnia.....ive been a very good girl seeing my dr reguraly and take my medicine. and im still paying the bills for all this work :D
  15. ive had my share of surgeries :)..theres no amount of medicine that is worth a slice almost from ear to ear. eek!
  16. So glad all is well with ya highya. My mom had thyroid problems, no fun.

    Love ya!!

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