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  1. My parents just drug tested me, the last time I smoked was 2 weeks ago (that was my first time in six weeks). I've been drinking water and working out like none other.... The reason I'm getting tested is because I got caught and now my parents are drug testing me every month or so. 6 weeks after I got caught (2 weeks ago) I took 2 hits of mids with a friend, and I'm hoping its out by now. I actually wanted them to test me so I can smoke for a little bit next week, but there's still some nerves. I'll come back with the results!

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  2. Move out.
  3. I wish, but I'm a senior in high school and don't have money to move out :(

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  4. Okay I'm good, thank God. Time to go smoke some bowls.

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  5. why can't you tell them you smoke? (seems like the cat's out of the bag anyway).
    and what are they going to accomplish if they find out that you've used mj?

    p.s. what is this pink gayness in the hat that i'm forced to look at in a bunch of threads... can you make it at least smaller or something?
  6. Pink gayness on a hat? What hat? I think ur high, haha....Anyways, they caught me smoking and got pissed, I've tried to tell them my opinions about it, but my parents are close-minded on the subject. In fact, trying to tell them my opinion about it made my situation worse because they think I'm "brain washed" by the Internet and almost put me in rehab. They think mj is like crack and will fuck my life over.

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