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Discussion in 'General' started by borked, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. I haven't been posting lately but I still lurk because this is my favorite forum, extremely entertaining. I've been on the job hunt for awhile now and it has forced me off MJ i've been clean off it for a few months now. So this is why I say wish me luck. LEGAL HIGHs.

    Since cid, and my beloved muckies are very hard to come by and show up on DTs, i'm going to try HBWR seeds tonight. Here's the prep i'm following:

    10x HBWR seeds Hawaiin strains from reputable online distro.
    Tried to scrape the seeds as best I could but know I failed miserably.
    Crushed with hammer in ziplock bag as best I could, resulting in a significant amount of powder and a bit of chunks.
    At this point some of the seed chunks I was trying to grind further ricocheted away and I thought damn..ok well let's put 2 more in and grind them up to counter that. So my tea will approx be 10-12 hbwr.
    Placed in a few ounces of ice cold distilled drinking water with fresh squeezed lemon juice.
    Placed in dark container to be refrigerated for 6-8hours shaking the container occasionally.
    Will filter through coffe filter and sip slowly over the course of 1/2hour while drinking fresh water in another glass.
    All this on a empty stomach(6hours no foods just some tea)

    I have some good movies lined up and some good music any recommendations you guys have would be appreciative. I do have quite the collection and most trippy/stoner movies are in there from my prior high guy period.

    This will be my 5th or 6th time doing hallucinogens(not counting salvia which i've done quite a few times).

    As always my sober g/f will sit, just in case movies and music won't do and I need to get out and into nature.

    Hopefully good things transpire and I at the very least experience the psychedelic thoughts and intense introspectiveness i've been missing.

    Anyone had good experiences from HBWR? I've done a lot of research and it's a mixed bag(extreme dis-associativeness, visuals to nothing but sickness) . I definitely know to expect some nausea and cramping. However I seem to have a cast iron stomach but we will see, plus the method i'm using is supposed to make it more manageable but we will see.

    If you like I can keep you updated through my sober surrogate (hmm..thats got a nice ring to it, might coin that term instead of sitter)

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