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  1. I need to have all four wisdom teeth pulled and the x-ray says two of them are jammed in there and wont come out, which may lead to bacterial infection., the other two will push the teeth and make them crooked. One of them is halfway out. Anyway, since the other ones are stuck down in there, they need to cut open the gum to get them, which means i will probably get knocked out. After that they will prescribe some pain killers probably. I just wanted to know what pain killers do they normally prescribe? Vicodin? Oxys? Ive never done opiates or synthetics but i find this a good time to get my hands on some legally. Should i do a recreactional dose of pain killers when i have legitimate pain?

    And how addictive are these pain killers exactly? On a scale of one to ten, ten being like heroin and one being THC.
  2. 5 on addictiveness. I got 20 7.5 Lortab. Hydrocodone, you probably will not get any oxy.

    You will def get put under for the operation. And you will 100% get some type of pain killers.

    probably some 5mg or 7.5 mg hydrocodones. If its your first time taking them, take around 15mg to see what its like. Thats what I did, eventually did around 30mg and that was pretty fun too.

    Just remember not to go over around 2000mg of APAP. Apap is tylenol in the hydrocodone pills, your pill bottle will say like 7.5/325 that means 7.5mg of hydro, and 325mg of apap.
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    Tell them that hydrocodone doesn't work and just makes you angry, and they will give you oxy's on demerol. Tell em that oxydocone does it too and you will get demerol for sure.

    Demerol kills the pain more than oxy imo, but it's personal preferance for you.

    When you actually have real pain, the addictiveness level is around 2 since your body actually "needs" it and you don't get as much of a high.
  4. Opiates depend on the person. Some people go crazy for opiates. Other people don't find them to be of a big deal. You'll probably get Vicodin. I found that I didn't even need the painkillers for my teeth. I ended up just taking them going snowboarding trying to see how fast I could fly down the slopes.

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