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wisdom tooth removal HELP

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazed4dayz, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. im getting my wisdom teeth taken out and im wondering if i can toke up after or what.. and if i have to wait, how long? Thanks
  2. Yeah it's all good.
    And ya know... if you don't want those pills, I'll gladly take them off your hands.
  3. They'll get you pretty high before thy rip that fucker out so you shouldn't have to role up beforehand though I doubt it hurt anything be funny If it canceled out both and you felt everything lol.
  4. I just got them taken out a couple weeks ago and it wasn't that bad. I smoked about two days after and everything was fine.
    Smoking out of glass is better for wisdom teeth im pretty sure also
  5. dont smoke a joint or blunt until at least a 5 days. and you really shouldn't be smoking within the first week whatsoever. Smoke of any kind in your mouth will greatly increase your risk of dry socket.
  6. Just don't shove random shit in your mouth, and you're fine

  7. yeaaa. i'd try to wait a day or two, but i think i smoked a few days after i got mine out. post surgery was pretty easy for me. keep ice on it for like 48 hours straight man!
  8. I wish I smoked weed when I got mine removed, shit sucked...
  9. Wait a week or so just so you can make sure the holes close up and whatnot.
  10. Wait for the holes to fully clot before you do any smoking unless you want dry sockets.
  11. I just got mine out last week and i waited 4 days before smoking and i was fine. just go easy and dont suck to hard
  12. would i be qble to smoke like a few hours after??
  13. Cover your holes with gauze and you're golden.
  14. You don't gotta wait to start smoking, people who smoke cigarettes get their wisdom teeth taken out every day, I smoked (cigs) after getting my first two taken out. I would NOT repeat would NOT smoke before hand, that's just not a mental place you want to be, afterwards totally, make sure to take your ibuprofen that works better than the pain killers cause the inflamation will really hurt. So when you get home and settled take your shit and toke up while you're waiting for your meds to hit you.

  15. wait wat

    smoke isn't what causes dry socket, it's the suction from taking a drag. i wouldn't risk ripping on a bong with 2 surgery sites in your mouth. if you can, try out a gravity bong so that you can just inhale and have the bong do the 'suction' for you
  16. I just replied to this, wait, no...No I didn't, I don't see my awesome picture anywhere here.

    Ah, for fuck sakes, is there literally two of these right on top of each other?:cool:
  17. I made mine first, so I'm not the dumbass in this situation lol..the other guy is.

    But wait, some people say its fine to smoke after, some don't. Ugh..
  18. But you did fail to use the search function? I question your claim.:cool:
  19. True, I will admit I didn't search. But only b/c I was in a hurry to get to my appointment.

    Now I've taken my painkiller, and stuff..wanna toke up.

    Now some people mentioned gauze, how do I put it in?
    Like I got 4 holes, how do I make sure I don't get dry socket and the gauze stays in place (on top n below my wisdom teeth, since I got top and bottom removed)

    Or is it really simple where I can just stick in the gauze , make sure I'm biting down on the fabric, and then just light up like regularly and pull in the smoke?

    Btw, I'd be smoking out of a bong so..
  20. You would already have your answer...If you used the search function.:cool:

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