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  1. i need to get all 4 of mine out and hoping to get some nice opiates :)
    but my sister got hers out and they only gave her motrin

    how may i ensure myself a nice rx?
  2. Tell the dentist your wisdom teeth have started to hurt before the surgery. thats what i did and i got the vicodin with 7.5Hydrocodone. pretty nice stuff
  3. cheers, anyone else have any input?

    oh and do you get to choose your anesthetic during the yanking?
    if so any suggestions
  4. usually with wisdom teeth they put you to sleep.

    For me the only pain I had was the needle going into my arm. Then you just wake up in a different room with a swollen mouth and disoriented.

    I got to save my 4 wisdom teeth too, make sure you ask to keep them!
  5. morphine is a beautiful thing :D

  6. I remember back when 7.5 hydrocodones were the shit.

    Wheres the hydromorphonessss at ??! =(
  7. whether or not you will be prescribed opiates depends on if you are just getting them pulled or if you have to be put under and have them surgically removed..
  8. Go back after and tell them it REALLY hurts if they give u crap.
    make sure to stab your eyes with forks first, to make it look like your crying.
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp8Yd4EbpAo]YouTube - High off Anesthesia after getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled[/ame]

    ^^^I WANT THIS

    well not the swelling and shit but omg lmao
  10. that video was mad funny, hahaha.
  11. if they really just give u motrin, just tell them it isnt working until they give u sum good stuff
  12. I had all 4 of mine removed last winter. i tried to milk the pain for all it was worth, but they kept me at Tylenol+Codeine's..which blow :( Hopefully you have better luck!
  13. i got abunch of oxys and it was phenominal. i didnt even bitch about it as much as i should have so just complain alot
  14. WTF is he on? thats funny shit
  15. constantly complaining about pain before, during (if you're awake), and after is key
  16. Even though I'm 19 my mom came with because I'm still under her insurance. I complained about the Vicodin I had when I had my shoulder separated. I got really ichy because I was taking way too much.

    She mentioned I reacted badly to the vicodin and Bamb I got a script for 30 7.5mg percocet.
    my doctor was writing the scrip for the vicodin and tore it up and re wrote it for the percocet

    I had all 4 taken out just as you did.

  17. before you get them pulled tell the dentist that you are highly sensitive to pain
    let him know that the wisdom teeth cause pain that radiates up your eye towards
    your temple.

    most times they'll give you some hydrocodone to help with the pain.

    as for anesthesia? sorry they gonna give a shot to the nerve nearest to your tooth they gonna pull out.
  18. reminds me of wrist surgery. i got perscribed 10mg oxycodones (no apap) 5 per day for 45 days. 220 pills total

  19. they knock you out before they give you the injection i think. i had to get a tooth removed so they can start dragging the adult one in its place and they gave me a pill so when i went in i would be fucked up but that was a whole different procedure
  20. I actually got put under cause I had to have mine surgically. I was just like that guy once they woke me up. I was so out of it it took 2 people to get me in my moms car lol. I forget what I got but man was it some good shit lol.

    That video is freaking hilarious lol. :laughing:

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