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Wisdom Teeth

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by seconds, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Well I just got my wisdom teeth pulled today... pretty crazy. It was my first surgery, and my 1st time being put on a nitrous oxide. And as expected I was prescribed Vicodin.

    My question was, will smoking most likely lead to an infection in my wounds?
  2. I'd really wait a few days on the smoking. Dry socket is also a problem
  3. yea dude take a week off.....

    i need to get mine out :( Fuckin usa with no health care for everyone. I can't afford the F'n 5g's it costs, nor can i afford 200 a month for insurance.....and then come up for more money to help pay the sergery b/c most insurances don't fully 100% cover
  4. they gassed you for a wisdom tooth?

    when i was in the army they gave me 3 shots of novacane one on each side of my mouth and one in the roof

    pulled two wisdom teeth and one molar that got cracked cuz my wisdom tooth grew into it.

    they gave me the shots then stuck pliers in my mouth and yanked them out.

    i got 20 vics out of it though.. only had 1 day off from work so i got hella fucked up
  5. it depends how bad yours were. i had mine out a couple of weeks ago, and i waited two days, then smoked out of a vape only for a day, then started smoking regularly
  6. that's the american health plan for ya
    but enough about politics, i would wait a couple days before reusming smokage
  7. go for it smoke all you want.. i remember about a year or 2 ago i also got mine removed. even if everyone told me not to smoke i still did.. try not to use anything that makes too much suction in your mouth because your blood clots in your sore will open up.

    perfect time to make fire crackers

  8. what the hell is dry socket?
  9. Dry sockets can on rare occasion result after a tooth is extracted. The blood clot healing in the extraction socket is unexpectedly dislodged leaving a bare painful open area.

    The technical term for this condition is acute alveolar osteitis. Generally the pain involved with a dry socket is intense, throbbing and unceasing. This pain is often worse than the pain associated with the tooth prior to extraction. A foul odor may be associated with this condition. Pain medication often does a sub par job of relieving the discomfort associated with this situation.

    What causes dry sockets to occur?

    Difficult surgical extractions leave patients more susceptable to this problem. Any action that forms suction within the mouth can raise risk level and should be avoided. Actions that should be avoided include but are not limited to: smoking, sucking through through a straw, spitting, vigorous mouth rinsing, sneezing, or coughing. Eating should be very light within the first 24 hours after tooth extraction to protect the affected area.
    In addition to the sucking action smokers use with cigarettes, smoking is thought to decrease the amount of oxygen available to the healing tissue, thereby, increase the risk of having a dry socket. Avoid smoking for at least the first 48 hours post extraction. ​
  10. Hit a bong and try to "breathe" in the smoke instead of pulling it.

    Everyone on here, even people who have never had it happen to them, always tell people not to smoke. Me and a couple of my friends got our wisdom teeth pulled in a week from each other and we all toked it up after we got out the dentist. None of us got dry socket and had a normal recovery.
  11. I'm gonna have to get all 4 of mine out soon, I'm gonna be put to sleep for it, I hope I get good pain relievers. I think I'll try to make bhang or cannamilk for it.
  12. I just hope that the marijuana smoke is clean and doesnt have any bacteria in it to infect me.

    I think im just gunna smoke bong and breathe it in like someone mentioned. I would try a vape but the hose is too similar to a straw which my oral surgeon told me not to use.
  13. i had my teeth pulled out a while back and ur not supposed to smoke for 48 hrs. if ur on antibiotics infection isnt a problem but dry sockets are. So i wouldnt smoke for the 2 days and then if u can't wait any longer dont rip a bong or a clogged piece. i would bet a joint or one hitter would be best cuz the least suction is used. i've also seen people say they smoked through their nose after oral surgery. (i'd rather wait a while) just a high isnt worth the pain of a dry socket so dont risk it

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