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  1. You think it would be chill to skip the pain meds after a few days and get on the herb? Sativa or Indica? And I know your not supposed to smoke but i was planning on smoking my volc through my nose... Should work right?

  2. maybe if you wait like five days or a week. i wouldn't go straight home and smoke or you'll get dry socket.
    Thanks for the heads up I was just reading a bit about it online. Edibles are ok though?
  4. I dont see why not? im pretty sure it's smoke that gets in the sores which isn't good.
  5. It's actually that you risk pulling out the clot from the suction. Nose hits work, I just got mine pulled a little over a month ago and I took a couple dabs through the nose a couple days later and I was good, didn't smoke thought my mouth for like 8 days though.
  6. Yeah dry socket is really easy to get that way wait 5 days or so.. I have my two wisdom teeth still and I need to get them pulled but the thought of it freaks me the fuck out! Thank god only two grew in, I don't have bottoms.
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    i recommend you take the pills. Use them up until they're gone. 
  8. i got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at 10AM and was smoking a joint by 10PM.  never had an issue with dry socket.  your mileage may vary, obviously, but it's not a sure thing that it'll happen.  if you're worried about it, edibles are safe.  but eating baked goods that soon after getting the teeth out will not be a fun experience.
    yeah it's different for every person. My buddy smoked after and he did end up getting it but he said it wasn't too horrible for him and it was worth it. Like the man said Edibles are the WAY TO GO.
  10. You may not need any, if you take it easy. And if you smoke, do it at your own risk. I smoked on the day after I got mine out, through a hitter taking small hits. Nothing happened to me, luckily lol. It's different for everyone though, just be smart about it.
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    I just broke my face and needed oral surgery, I had to have my two molars removed and while at it they removed my impacted wisdom teeth. I was in the hospital for my surgery and stayed for a little over 24 hours after the surgery and came home and smoked. I had no issues at all, but everyone is different. Just be sure to do warm salt water rinses after smoking.
  12. You should be fine I smoked 2 days after and ate solid food the next day. I didnt have any pain at all so I dont know whats up with getting pain meds thier the shitty kind anyway

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