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Wisdom Teeth

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bredban, May 31, 2013.

  1. Alright guys i got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out this morning, and for pain killers they gave me oxys, i proceeded to throw the pills in the garbage immidiatly (addictive personality, and alot of addiction in my family, dont need to mess around with that shit) with that being said i am in a bit of pain,  does anyone have any idea if i would be ok to vaporize? i have a fan that blows the vapor out and a nebulizer mask that hooks up to it, so i can keep my mouth completely closed and only inhale through my nose, would i be risking dry sockets if i did that?  i tried to ask my dentist about this to begin with but he wouldnt even hear me out just said no smoking...
    My understanding is that its just the sucking that causes the dry sockets? can anyone help clear this up for me?

  2. Yeah you should be fine to vape, when I had my bottom 2 wisdom teeth removed I hit my bong the next day (not the brightest idea looking back on it) either that or you can just roll a joint. And yes, sucking is generally what causes dry socket, some peoples sockets heal faster than others, just try to avoid solid food for the first couple days, at least the crunchy stuff like cereal, chips etc.. also, hot stuff like coffee and soup as they can sometimes dissolve the clot.
  3. Wait, if you didn't need them, then why did you get them?
    Didn't you have to pay a copay for the pills anyhow?
  4. Things like this make me glad I don't have any wisdom teeth at all.
  5. i would try to wait atleast two or three days, after that you should be fine
  6. I have been there and have done that. I would wait 3 days. The vapor may irritate the area(s) where you had surgery... not to mention you aren't only to be concerned about dry sockets, but also germs. You also do not want to get caught up in cotton mouth.
    There are too many factors -- I, personally, wouldn't risk it. Try to hold off for 3 days and substitute for other pain killers if you can. If you can't, edibles are the way to go in this instance.

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