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wisdom teeth

Discussion in 'General' started by xLoneWolfx, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. How many of you have had yours pulled or have to get them pulled? I'm 23 and one of them has popped through a bit. I'm really afraid of being put to sleep to have them pulled. Since the others aren't really coming in do you think I'd just have to get this 1 pulled? I also read that if you don't want to be put to sleep they can just numb the area and pull it while you're awake? I'm stressed over this.

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  2. Also, bcuz this one has came in a bit, it's made my teeth a little crooked. Nothing bad but it bugs me. Anyone ever had that invisaline plastic braces or whatever?

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  3. I had braces in my teens the got my wisdom teeth removed at 20. It sucked, I had four that had barely come through, but he had to knock me out and removes all of them. The day of wasnt to bad with all the pills but that night and the next couple of days suck bad. You will spit more blood then you think is possable, good luck man hope you don't have to get rid of four!
  4. I got my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago. I highly recommend getting put to sleep because the whole process and take up to 4 hours.

    Also, go easy on the pain killers they give you. You're only supposed to take one every couple hours or so but I liked the feeling and took three at once. Probably the most sick I ever got.
  5. I had mine pulled with a simple numbing shot to the gums. Still felt pain when the doc had to pry that sucker, but wasn't too bad.
  6. Was it impacted? Was it disturbing as hell being awake for it?

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  7. i had all 4 of mine taken when i was 18, it wasnt that bad.
  8. I had Vertical impaction. The tooth was barely protruding. At first the dentist told me to leave it alone as it didn't bother me. Then I started to get infections around that area and it would hurt like mother fucka, to the point where I wasn't able to open my mouth at all. So I went back and told him to pull it. He had to slice my gums to get a grip on the tooth and jam another tool under it to pry it out. It only hurt when he put the pressure on the prying tool. It took all but 20 minutes to numb my gums and pull that sucker.

    My problem was the aftermath. I came home and was still spitting out puddles of blood. My gums kept bleeding for the better half of the day. And even the next day there were traces of blood in my saliva. You'll have to keep your mouth super clean for a few weeks. Make sure you flush out the cavity in your gums after you eat.
  9. I don't recommend consciousness for getting teeth pulled. I had an abscess on one of my teeth. The only way they could get it to go away would be to pull my tooth. Numbed the fuck outta it, like 6 shots (no lie), they pulled that shit and it sounded like a tree snapping in half. I passed the fuck out from the sound. Didnt feel shit though so the numbing DOES work lol
  10. i gotta get mine pulled real soon. i went to the dentist last week an said they didn't want to do it there so i gotta go to an oral surgeon, fuuuucckkk. lol
  11. ^ that means they have to cut into your gums :)
  12. When I was 13 I had to get 8 baby teeth pulled, and they "numbed" my mouth. By numbing I mean I got 24 shots in my mouth, including my cheeks and the roof of my mouth, and pulling teeth out before it fully kicked in. Trust me, you wanna go unconscious.
  13. i knoww :(

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