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wisdom teeth waiting time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mingfish, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all, new to the site.

    I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and I was wondering when it would be a good time to start toking it up again. I feel pretty good and I've been able to walk around and all that, so I was wondering when everyone thought it would be okay to start smoking again.

    thanks for all responses
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    Well you certainly do NOT want dry sockets, and one of my friends got them two or three from taking one bong rip after getting his out.

    I'd suggest some firecrackers/brownies until you're healed all up.
  3. I recently had them taken out. Mine were all erupted so they were plucked out easily. I stopped bleeding after the first day. Make sure you don't suck with a lot of pressure in your mouth as this may cause dry socket by sucking off your healing wounds and exposing your cavity. Wait at least until you stop bleeding and your wounds aren't so sensitive. When you do smoke, try to wash out your mouth promptly afterwards with the antibiotic mouthwash the dentist should've given you.
  4. yes.

    The suction is the biggest problem. Pack a looser blunt that you barely have to rip on to get a thick cloud. I smoked a few days after getting my wisdom teeth out (with all that putty still in there!) and I didn't run into any problems, and the technician didn't even ask if I had been smoking or anything like that.
  5. dude i feel sorry for you, they hurt for like 5 days. when i was a freshmen i got mine out. i wanst into weed or any drugs back then. but i wish i would've taken twice the meds i should've to help ease the pain, yea, just wait for them to heal.
  6. Just give it 3-5 days for the sockets to heal up. I wouldn't do any bong hits anytime in the next week. Keep to light puffing after the first few days of healing.

    Dry socket is NOT fun.

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