Wisdom Teeth Surgery, yay :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Scapris, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Had my wisdom's yanked out today and all they gave me is demerol :( I've had two surgeries prior to this in 1 year and my opiate tolerance is very high.) They wouldn't prescribe anything stronger for some reason.

    How many of you have had yours out? I don't even remember the ride home but my sister said I kept telling her the same story over and over and over,,

    What was your experience like?
  2. yea demerol sucks if your trying to catch a buzz but it works pretty good for pain

    your mouth is gonna be fucked for about week :(
  3. I had mine out about a year and a half ago. They were 'surgically' broken and cut out. I remember waking up during the surgery, but all I remember seeing was them pulling a very large black metal object from deep inside my mouth.:eek:

    I think, from that one, I got vicoden. Not even double strength (which I did get for my kidney stones, thankfully...cheap bastards).

    In all, I have had twelve teeth extracted. Other than the wisdom teeth, the only thing I was ever given was Advil.:mad:
  4. Got mine done a year ago. I had all four taken out. Two were impacted and had to "break" part of my jaw. Took a few months for my huge holes in my mouth to heal. Its sucks, but I'm glad they're out. Get well soon! ;)
  5. I had mines take out last week,word of advice,Do Not Smoke for like a week.At least 3-4 days to avoid infection.The dentist shoulda told you just incase.
  6. had mine out today, was in recovery for 2 hours because everytime i sat up at all i got really sick because of how much drugs they had to use to put me out. I had IV's in my arms pumping sugar water in for 2 hours before i could get up without being sick. they gave me an antibiotic and hydrocodone tho
  7. i'm gonna get mine out very soon...shouldn't be bad, hopefully i'll get the good stuff
  8. yeah man this sucks i have to get mine out soon...ughhh
  9. A friend of mine recently got hers pulled, they gave her t3's but she went back complaining that they were to weak. They gave her Percocets instead, 5/325 I think, and im buying a few this weekend:D Been almost 2 years since I last exerienced the bliss that is opiates!

  10. 12 tab 10's for me, I had two taken out, and I thought my doctor was skimp. :rolleyes:
  11. wisdom teeth sound horrible but

    opiates on the other hand rule i every time i take some vicodin i feel like im floating and just want to be nice to people
  12. Only thing that worries me is the gaping holes in my gums lol. The top two grew in fine but the bottom two were impacted and I am glad it's finally over.

    Having them out already feels better, it must have relieved pressure on my teeth.

    On second note 40mg of demerol helps my pain quite a bit, and I don't get itchy like with other opiates.

  13. if demerol sucks for a buzz how come on a youtube video i seen a dude get shotup with it n he was all noddin off n shit

    never had it, so i wouldnt know
  14. My actual surgery wasn't bad at all, from my perspective, even though they had to cut my teeth in half to get them out...all 4. All I experienced was getting the I.V put in, waiting about a minute and looking around, and it was just suddenly over and I felt really groggy, and a little sore I guess. The real hell was the next few weeks of healing and not being able to eat solid food or really open my mouth, and lots of pain....but the pills helped. I got Codeine I think
  15. Intravenous injections of Demerol are the most efficient way, however, the pill does not work as well.
  16. well theres an easy solution to that problem now isnt there
  17. my surgery's scheduled for the 14th..getting all 4 removed. i'm getting kinda nervous though cause ive been shooting dope since like mid April and i know the pain meds arent gonna do shit. i can eat as many hydros as i want and barely feel anything. anyway to go about explaining my tolerance without coming across as an addict?
  18. Tell the doctor you have an abnormal tolerance to opiates. Or something to that extent... With the shit they give you through the IV you prob wont feel pain for a day or two. Even then it's not that bad.

    My bottom teeth were impacted and top wisdoms had already broke through. I'm surprised that my gums arent swollen. I remember a friend had the same thing done and his cheeks were huge!

  19. Damn man, what hard ass doctor robbed you of your opiate experience?

    I had all four of mine taken out a year ago. I was given vics and spent the day in bed with my girlfriend. Even had drugged up sex at one point. Shazam.
  20. yeah i got mine out last month and was given a shit ton of vicodin. It was a pain in the ass to eat for a while but mixing weed and vicodin for a week and a half was great.

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