WISDOM TEETH Surgery Questions!

Discussion in 'General' started by gcmsboy12345, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. First off, im new i would have joined last year but for some reason it would never let me join untill now, So ive been here in spirit for about a year now.

    But, im scheduled to get my wisdom teeth removed in a couple weeks, there going to put me to sleep. If you do a simple search online you can see a lot of videos of people saying crazy shit while they are high on the meds the doctors gave them afterwards. I want to know if i will be aware enough to not tell my mom anything i wouldnt want her to find out. Am i going to be a open book for her to ask anything she wants?
  2. No man you will be fine..in pain, but fine. Don't worry.
  3. No.... Lol not that im aware of....
  4. Alright, i didnt know. My sister inlaw cussed everyone out in the dentist office and tried to walk home when her husband wouldnt let her drive.
  5. I was put to sleep then put on meds. Of course I didn't live with my mom, but I was completely aware of the situation and my surroundings. The anesthesia won't ware off for a while you'll probably just sleep
  6. Tell you mom not to be an ass and ask you questions while you are fucked up on drugs.
  7. Your dentist isn't going to shoot you up with the truth serum.
  8. You got nothing to worry about, the painkillers they give you afterwards will just make you feel happy and sleepy. If anything, you'll just want to sit on a couch, eat some ice cream and keep your mouth shut the entire time, not run your mouth and expose your deepest darkest secrets.
  9. It's like being really drunk when you wake up. You know what you're trying to say, you are just slurring a lot. Plus you go on rants. But you won't reveal any sensitive info so don't worry.

    And before you make a thread, do NOT smoke weed for at least 5 days. Yeah yeah people here will say "I smoked right after and I was fine"

    Well good for them, but I guarantee the healing process took longer and thy put themselves at risk for dry socket, which is not something you want. Just chill with what they prescribe you.

    Doctors know better than randoms on an online forum. They aren't telling you not to smoke because they are against weed. They are telling you not to smoke because they want you to have a smooth and painless recovery. You never here wisdom teeth horror stories from people who followed the rules.

    I personally waited 10 days to smoke. Was real nice to smoke that first bubbler pack
  10. youll be fine. After I had the surgery I was completely back to normal within two hours.
  11. Alright, preciate the help.
  12. The only thing to do is to go to the doctor already fucked out of your mind on painkillers. Its your only option.
  13. LOL! Don't worry the dentist isn't gonna make you trip balls, you'll just be walking around with a bad smile a bit after, and then when that subsides, GET READY FOR PAIN!!!
  14. When I got mine pulled, I didn't feel much pain. Just a slight discomfort and some bleeding. Hell the painkillers weren't even necessary, but it was fun being fucked up for a few days in a row and actually having a "legitimate" reason.
  15. Na. You just feel kinda spacey and its hard to walk.

    Then again, I have a VERY high tolerance to anesthetics. I mean you need to put me down like a fucking buffalo.
  16. lol When I woke up from the anesthesia, I was laughing my ASS off.

    I only remember tasting the chemical in the back of my throat for MAYBE ten seconds before I blacked out and woke up in that fit, no sensation in my face.

    It's easy man.

    Just don't EAT or DRINK six hours in advance.
  17. Ask your mom to video it. You will say some fucked up shit in the first few minutes back. The pain isnt bad. They gave me 14 shots before they pulled all four of mine. I was awake. I have been under twice. It hit me like 1..2.. sleep and i tried to fight it!
  18. It was messed up when I got mine out but I got to lie in bed for weeks watching tv it's was awesome. Plus I ate a shitload of custard I love that shit
  19. Surgeon left chunks of wisdom tooth behind in my friend's mouth. The chunks of tooth caused the surrounding gums to get massively infected, swollen, and painful for a month before they figured it out. He had to get another surgery after a bout of antibiotics.

    There you go, now you have heard a wisdom teeth horror story from someone who followed the rules. :p
  20. man it was awesome i got 3 days off of work and just sat around and popped percs and watched tv all day. just make sure you wash it alot so it doesnt get infected. there was absolutely no pain from mine but then again my surgeon was rated the best in the state. and that laughing gas they give you right before is awesome too

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