Wisdom Teeth Removed

Discussion in 'General' started by CmMx112, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, with no stitches. The pain really isn't bad at all, haven't taken any of the hydrocodone they prescribed me. I managed to take a few hits off my bowl, making sure not to cover my mouth with the piece (dry-socket). Pretty much ghost hitting it. I was just trying to get some ideas of what to eat, Ive already got mashed potatoes, ice-cream, yogurt, and eggs. Running out of options!
  2. Yeah this made it a little better.. ;)



  3. Ahh i got mine removed exactly a week ago. Still sucks eating..
  4. Damn.. Im guessing you have to chew with the front of your mouth?
  5. Yea man it sucks, I just ate some mac & cheese. I also got the opportunity to hook up with this chick last night at a party but im still bleeding from the wounds and my lower jaw is fucked so I wasn't confident enough to start making out. Lol.
  6. wisdom teeth removed, smoking good I aint even mad

  7. i got mine taken out on august 4th and i still have the holes from my teeth on the bottom....like heal the fuck up doe
  8. When I got mine removed I remember always making my friends hot box so I could get something going. Was a little afraid to actually take hits so just took a couple than sat there telling all the homies to blow the smoke in my direction. Maybe it worked? haha but I thought it did at the time.
  9. What's dry socket?
  10. Uh eat the hydros and grt blazed best buzz ever.

  11. you smoke when you have open sockets they get coated in oil and dry out and get infected. Ain't fun.
  12. i have yet to get mine pulled out, but i have a feeling it'll be within the year because they've been giving me trouble. i'm looking forward to the copious amounts of ice cream, OP, you should dig into some good ol' ben and jerrys! :yummy:
  13. Yeah gettin wisdom teeth out sucks, when I got mine removed they gave me tylenol 3's. Those things were powerful. Anyways I was riding my bike (I had just smoked a one-hitter and was on t3's) and subsequently I was going no hands and fell and messed up my knee.

    I also tried smoking through my nose to avoid dry sockets... never. Again.
  14. I smoked cigs, I smoked mad weed, no dry socket. But my buddy smoked like 2 joints and woke up with dry socket. Was worth it for me, not for him.
  15. Look it up.

    It's when the blood clot in the socket breaks loose from something like the negative air pressure when you're smoking.

    OP what you did is still causing a vacuum in your mouth and could pull those clots out. It doesn't take much suction to do it.

    What you need to make is a gravity bong. No suction there just breath in the smoke as the bottle falls.

  16. It isn't that bad, getting put under helps out a lot!

    Just wish I had the time to make one. I was extremely careful with the bowl, pulled just hard enough to get some smoke :hello:
  17. 2 of those Hydro's fucked me up, 'bout to smoke a bowl to top it off :D

  18. Its the crash I hate.. soo tired.. I already had to call the doc and tell him to give me a refill, all my friends taking em'

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