Wisdom teeth removal next week

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by erikjase, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hi guys --

    I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed next week (7/12) and planned to stop smoking about two weeks before my surgery (haven't smoked since 6/25). I'm usually a regular, every day smoker but I haven't been put under anesthesia since I started smoking, and was wondering if anyone here had any experience with mixing the two together? I'm a little worried that with anything left in my system that it'll cause a negative effect. I haven't told my oral surgeon about my smoking habits but am feeling a bit anxious about the procedure as a whole. Should I be worried that something will go wrong?
  2. You have nothing to worry about, back in January I got all 4 of mine removed with no smoking or anesthesia, I took 2 or 3 days off from smoking then smoked with padding in my mouth to prevent dry socket. Whatever you do just inhale slowing if you're taking a rip, and try to stay away from anything with suction like bongs.

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