Wisdom Teeth pulls

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  1. any idea what the hell they give you for the pain? recovery time ect? any experience reports welcome cuz one of mine is probably starting to show its ugly self in an uber painful way
  2. Vicodin usually and don't smoke for at least 3 days afterwards.
  3. Yea deff dnt smoke for at least 3 days, i did and got something called lock socket or something, cant remember wat u call it but its extremley painfull and i had to take all this medication for it and i couldnt smoke for 2 weeks!
  4. Search. I remember reading a thread about this awile back that was very informative...

    Jelly, it's called dry socket, and it's when the blood clot in the cavity from which the tooth was pulled is lost, exposing it to the air, which is VERY painful but otherwise realitively harmless. It's usually caused from sucking on stuff, like a straw, or bong etc.
  5. http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=87039

    A socket can take about a week to close. There will still be a wierd spot though for a while where the socket used to be. it actually take a few months for the gums and the jaw to completely heal but the most annoying and painful part id the first week. After that you should be okay. even with stitches.
  6. when i got mine pulled the doc fucked up big time and didnt fully sedate me. I woke up mid way through my 3rd tooth. But after it was all over it wasnt too bad. I just sat on the couch, smoked, and rewarded myself with the Percocets that they gave me instead of Vics(i get really really weird on vicodin so my mom makes them give me something else).

    Enjoy the time off from work, if you work. Catch up on some crappy day time tv and blaze a few bowls.
  7. They usally give 3-4 mdeications. Depends on how many teeth are coming out. One for swelling, one for mild pain, one for severe pain and one for nausea. I got 2 pulled out and when I woke up it felt so good.( the medicine.) My teeth didn't stop bleeding for days. I couldn't eat much for like 3 days because my gums hurt.
  8. My friend got his pulled and got what I think was Hydrocodone, but I may be wrong...
  9. Yes, they give you prescription drugs. Congrats. :D
  10. yeah hydrocodone is just generic percocete....thas's what they gave me
    smoking with holes in your gums is NOT FUN!!! deff give a couple days heal time before smoking....if you crush up and snort your painkillers tho...tha's fun
  11. Don't smoke for 3 days or so because the suction aspect of it is bad for your wounds as they heal up. I got around 25 5/500 vicodin pills...I saved them all and brought them back to school and gave some to friends. I took them for fun here and there. My roommate railed a couple even though I told him there's too much tylenol in there for that to be good for you. Anyways yeah getting them out wasn't nearly as bad as most people make it out to be, at least in my case.
  12. It was hell, I had one tooth pulled and betwwen the time of getting it pulled and going back in the next day so they could reclot it (my blood was having issues it seems) I had squirted blood all over the bathroom, all over my face and pillows and looked white as a ghost, then to top it off I went to Cedar Point (a badass ammusement park for those not in USA Midwest) totally ruined the day :(
  13. So you have that disorder where you blood doesn't clot fast enough? So if you scab your knee you bleed to death? That' sounds awesome. Not for you, but ya know. ;)
  14. so many mixed feelings on getting wisdom teeth out, im gonna have to get it done soon and im not looking forward to it, i think the amount of pain involved varies severly from person to person, kinda like tattoos or something, but im a HUGE bitch when it comes to dental surgery, had a really bad experience with a root canal when i was a kid and im fuckin traumatized, havent been to the dentists in 10 years!, i know i need a root canal, went to get it done about 3 weeks ago, sat down in the chair, the doc came in and left to grab something, and i fuckin took off!!! idk man i have a SERIOUS fear of the dentist, and i really dont get scared easily, fucking kid dentist i had fucked me up in the head!!
  15. Ask them for Morphine. :D They might, depending on the doctor you get.
  16. Hydrocodene is not generic Percocet. Its Generic Vicodin. Its not really generic at all, its just the primary pain killer in Vicodin, and Loratbads.

    Percocets are OxyCodene's
  17. You guys don't think I should smoke for 3 days? I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and am planning to go to a party tonight, but I can't drink because of the tylenol 3s im on. The pamphlet they gave me said not to smoke for 24hrs after the procedure. Should I wait for 3 days? I can't go to this party sober!!!
  18. actually i jus heard i think my sister told me that they give perkosetts(spelling lol im just sounding it out) which are pretty strong too
  19. I had an extremely bad expierence with my wisdom teeth being pulled. Apparently the doctor didn't give me enough euthnasia so I was half awake during the whole surgery. I could feel them drilling and pulling my teeth and could even remember some of the conversations they were having with each other. It was definately a experience I wish not to remember. And for the painkillers they give you hydrocodone aka vicodin. The only shitty part about recovery is you can't eat any solid food so you are pretty much stuck with yogurt and shit...
  20. Look for my thread about when I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

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