Wisdom teeth out Monday

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  1. What can I expect for pain killers? Hoping to get oxy...
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    I got shitty ass hydrocodone. Just got mine taken out like 3 weeks ago.

    Trust me, you won't need the painkillers for any pain from the surgery. The worst part is when food gets stuck in the holes in your mouth. Just wash your mouth out with warm salt water a couple times a day. But don't do that until you stop bleeding.

    Oh, also, I suggest not smoking for a couple days. You really don't want to risk getting dry socket. Think of it this way: Sacrifice two days of smoking so you won't have to deal with a week of agonizing pain in your mouth.
  3. marijuana ass pain killer. gnarly:smoke:
  4. Cant smoke after teeth removal. I got t3s for the pain, you probably will get something a little better but you may not.
  5. god damnit. why even bother getting them out if i can't smoke or get some pain killys
  6. T3s are still enjoyable if you smoke some bud with it. And you will probably get something good. And later on they will hurt like a motherfucker, so its better to get them out when they dont hurt
  7. cant smoke bud with it trust me. u might rip out ur stiches, they will most likely give u vicodin
  8. Yea dry socket wouldn't be good. Although I did smoke when i had mine pulled years back. I made sure not to really let the smoke stay in my mouth, and exhaled through my noes. A big risk YES! did anything happen to me... no. Really just chill for a few days, think of it as a T-break with hydros;)
  9. My gf and I both got Lortab (hydrocodone) when we had our teeth pulled.

    While I understand that it's not oxy, you can definitely still have some fun with it.
  10. I hope you enjoy your vicodins you lucky mofo. :p
  11. If you get Hydro just do some cold water extraction since it takes so much to get high
  12. Also got Hydrocodone when I got my wisdoms taken out.

    I reccomend making edibles in the time it takes them to heal. Also, eating solid food sucks for a week or so after the operation, so watch out for that. Get some soft foods & ice cream.
  13. You COULD smoke if you were careful to keep those areas from getting dry.

    Wouldn't be worth it IMO.
  14. Marijuana Ice Cream FTW.

  15. OXY!?!? lmfao that shit is for cancer patients.. but nice try.
  16. lulz :)
  17. I got percs and t3's
  18. I got Vics...I wish I got Oxy though that would've been the shit haha
  19. do they give stronger doses for bigger people?
  20. You can smoke, OP.

    I did.

    Make a bucket! Works like a charm. Just drink water after every hit. Maybe wait till the day after.

    I got T3's, which are fun when combined with smoking. Heck, even on their own they ain't bad.

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