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Wisdom Teeth/Marijuana (General anastheisa)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nuno81291, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    I am new to the forum, conveniently on the night before my wisdom teeth surgery. I know I am going to be given G.A. for the surgery, but I have read some kind of scary things online which indicate that one should be totally sober before undergoing G.A.

    Any comments on this? Last I smoked was yesterday (a few decent waterfalls.) I do not intend on smoking after the procedure until I am given a good bill of health/recovery from the surgeon.

    So, what are your experiences? should I be concerned and cancel?
  2. i was put out for a root canal, if this is your first time dont worry you will be fine, just dont go there high, they put laughing gas on your face then inject you and you wake up with everything over, get it over with now, the longer you wait the more of a bitch its going to be, goodluck
  3. if u smoke 2 days before the appointment (i think thats what u mean?) nah dude nothings gonna happen.
  4. Good to hear. Yeah, I smoked yesterday and my surgery is tomorrow at 11. Kind of nervous. :eek: but there will be some vicodin in my near future!
  5. I smoked the day before. What you need to be worried about is after, wait atleast a week to smoke again. Drysockets are a bitch!
  6. Good to hear!!

    I am also going to take a tolerance break (Been smoking everyday for the past month or so, and I can tell I am just not getting as high...) I have been smoking about once a week for 2 years now, with the occasional 'wet' week (about an Oz to the dome via blunts when skiing! :smoking::D).

    I might come out of the end of the tolerance break with a vape.

  7. yeah I had surgery ON MY BALLS with THC in my system... they put me out and nothing happened

    oh and... if you get oxycodone or hydrocodone


  8. R00nscape.

    Don't smoke a week before the surgery and 2 weeks after.
  9. Had the surgery, all is well. No pain yet.

    Looking forward to a victory blunt in 2 weeks if all goes well :smoking::D

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