Wisdom teeth cut out

Discussion in 'General' started by growingmygreen, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I've just gotten my wisdom teeth cut out today. Im in a little bit of pain and do not want to take the pain pills (percocet) they gave me. Im just wondering does anyone know if it's ok to smoke since they were sewn shut? I was told to not drink with a straw until 24 hours after the surgery. Should i be ok if Im past that ?? thanks for the help
  2. Yeah I had a couple root canals a week ago and smoked instead of the painkillers, it hurt like fuck when i coughed though.
  3. I think smoking is a huge no for a while
  4. ahh i see the only thing im worried about though is the stitches would it affect them?
  5. mail me the pills
  6. I dont think smoke would do anything to the stitches since your not putting solid or liquid in your mouth
  7. No but your going to get dry sockets and be in terrible pain. DONT SMOKE
  8. you dont wanna get dry socket now do you, id stay away from smoking until the stitches are out and your healed fully.
  9. o ok thanks for the help guys!
  10. This thread should be plenty helpful. And coincidentally enough, I just got my wisdom teeth out today and have been asking myself the same questions.
  11. Just make a gravity bong. Avoids the suction that causes dry sockets.

    If you're worried about infection you could rinse your mouth out after but you're probably taking antibiotics right? So I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. do NOT smoke for 48 hours at least, dry socket is evil from what i hear, i just got mine taken out a few weeks ago and i smoked 2 days later and was fine.
  13. I had mine cut out 3weeks ago and I waited two weeks to smoke and I'm doing fine I just hate have these holes in my mouth Good luckman
  14. don't suck to much and you're good little hits..
  15. I smoked cigs right after surgery when I got mine out. What causes a dry socket is when you suck (like to smoke or drink through a straw) and the suction pulls the blood clot out of the wounds. If you make sure that you can pull really gently it will be ok.

    That's if you really want to risk it, just giving actual advice on what causes dry sockets and how to avoid it, its not a garuntee that maybe one is semi-loose or something and gets jacked up really easy.
  16. Wow thanks for the help guys haha i dont think dry socket is a problem if they are stitched up ? and they were cut out so no big gaping holes. also the bleeding has stopped. but ima give it till tomorrow night just in case
  17. no dry socket happens even if they were stitched, jsut wait 2-3 days
  18. Wait a couple days, call it a short t break lol. I have heard dry sockets can be agonizing, why push it!
  19. Painkillers + weed = Me as high as 10 Indians on bingo night
  20. U should send me the percocet.

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