wisdom teeth come out. i feel like rambling.

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  1. im 22. got all 4 wisdom teeth ever so gently "plucked" from my face today.
    upper jaw is tolerable. lower jaw is nearly unbearable. dont remember much. bitched at my parents after i got home, then passed out.

    this was all around 10:30 - 2:00 today.

    now, im back at my house, and im here with my friend, who had his wisdom teeth out yesterday.

    i was prescribed vicodin
    he was prescribed percocet

    neither of us are pill guys... but good damn do these make you feel good, especially with a few good rip of [insert headdie name here]

    its actually scary to see how addicting those little fuckers are (with or without bud). im glad i am on a strict set amount, and have no access to getting more.

    anyway, on top of all this, i'm using dry socket (click that to read about it) to quit smoking. something about negative pressure in your mouth causing blood clot problems and shit.

    as for mj apparently the lack of oxygen is bad, but not nearly as bad as the pressure thing.

    ok. so yeah. :smoke:


    i was about to goto bed... assuming it was a normal late night, somewhere around 2:00 am.

    realized there are still gameshows and shit on. i'd like to entertain this thread for a bit. someone chime in ;)
  2. Very very fun pills, but addicting. I just hate the itchy feeling.

  3. ya um u shouldnt smoke at least for a week, a few days if its a vaporizer. dry sockets are not fun man. its not worth it, ya addiction comes on fast
  4. itchy feeling? not sure what that is.

    :scratch scratch:

    i am and i am not.

    i am using this surgery as an excuse to quit smoking cigarettes. i've been smoking for 4 years. its gross and i hate it.

    i am smoking bud, but not sucking on anything, im clearing a GONG with the diffuser out, inhaling a waterfall bottle... but nothing that requires "sucking"

    :scratch scratch:
  5. Doesn't sound too terrible.

    My experience with that was awful, and worse for a number of reasons.

    It's smart to play is safe in terms of dry socket and infection -- it just ain't worth it.

    Best of luck, hope you feel better soon.
  6. heh. woah.

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  7. Yeah wisdom teeth weren't so bad

    I listened to my iPod during the whole thing, needed like eight shots of novacaine

    Just popped a Vicodin or two and laid down and felt like my body was vibrating at a lower frequency than before
  8. I had the sweetest wisdom teeth extraction experience Friday. I had all four taken out and I was literally fine 4 hours later. I actually wanted to go out that night but decided I should just take it easy.

    The chance of a dry socket freaks me out though, so I'm not smoking and I just got some awesome bud. I tried smoking through my nose but it's just too much haha.
  9. naboo,

    the smoke doesnt cause the dry socket. its the sucking motion on a bowl or bong. the negative pressure causes it.

    me and my buddy have just been using a waterfall style gravity. no sucking pressure involved, just inhale.
  10. Yeah, that's what I figured though the smoke probably isn't that good either. I didn't think of a gravity though... that's a really good idea. Haven't used one since I lost my chillum (what I use for the grav bowl).

  11. smoke isn't good, but its not nearly as bad as sucking, or even someone who smokes a pack a day.

    yeah, we have a waterfall style grav in a 5 gallon pail. works nicely, no stress on the tooth socket.
  12. My wisdom teeth are going to have to get pulled soon. :D
  13. Hurray for vicodin and percocet! That's the great thing about getting your wisdom teeth out.

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