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wisdom teeth and weed - howd you manage it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Incommision, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out around 8 am yesterday and other than getting up to piss have been in bed ever since. Im feeling a lot better today compared to yesterday and the only thing really occuring is a little bit of bleeding which is normal.
    Anyways, just wanted to ask you guys how long you waited/if you waited at all to smoke again. Have done a bit of research and it seems like 48 hours is the around the minimum websites recommend waiting but I have friends who have smoked the same day as a wisdom tooth extraction and have suffered no negative effects (dry socket) as a result. Its been around 28 hours now and was thinking of trying to smoke later on in the evening, not sure if I wanna risk it though.
    Opinions of GC?

  2. dry socket is assumed to be caused by sucking, but thats only based on "well there was a blood clot, now there isn't, you must have sucked it out" but studys have been done to show that dry socket is caused BY the dentist in the extraction of the tooth, if he is too "rough" with it, it can cause the person dry socket...

    with that said, i have smoked after every tooth extraction i've had done, nothing has happened...keep a gauze on the spots if you're really worried

  3. I've smoked little joints after having teeth removed just have little puffs and don't suck on it to hard
  4. I would recommend a very loose bowl packed im a bong without water. Draw slowly. The more airflow ur piece has the better. You could also try smoking from a pipe but like i said pull slowly. Wouldn't recommend a joint tho

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  5. Just don't suck it like you would a dick, draw like you're sipping tea and you'll be all good.

  6. Update: ive had a few bong hits today, listened to the advice and just packed loose bowls and pulled slowly and im feeling great! Had gauze in just in case, but as long as you dont pull hard/pack tight bowls the stitches shouldnt tear.

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