Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter - hostage situation

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  1. Here we go with another shooting in the news.

    At least two people have been killed and twenty injured as gunmen took over a Sikh temple outside Wisconsin, with children reportedly having been taken hostage. Police report that they one of those killed was one of the gunmen.

    Three people, all adults, have been hospitalized with gun wounds into their faces, police report. They are all in critical condition.

    One police officer has been shot several times, but is said to have survived, according to media reports from the scene.

    As many as a hundred people were gathered at the Brookfield Temple for a morning service.

    The first information from the scene came from the temple's head priest, who was reportedly locked in a restroom with a cell phone.

    One of the gunmen has been described as white male, bald, with a stocky build.

    And amid reports of multiple people having been shot inside the temple, some attendees appear to have been able to escape, though some remain inside. The temple was holding a special children's service today.

    Energy officials shut down the building's gas supply as a precautionary measure, witnesses told local news, while police have cordoned off the street where the temple is located until the situation is resolved.

    Meanwhile, journalists are keeping a safe distance from the area in case the shooters have access to TV or radio.

    The temple draws worshippers from as far as Chicago, St. Louis, Missouri, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Source: One killed, many injuries in Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter hostage situation

    Source; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-19138754
  2. I haven't heard about 20 injured. And I've been watching CNN all morning.
  3. *is asked not to show footage or photos of tactical operation til its over*
    *shows photos of tactical operation*

    i hope it's over!
  4. [quote name='"Postal Blowfish"']*is asked not to show footage or photos of tactical operation til its over*
    *shows photos of tactical operation*

    i hope it's over![/quote]

    No those were pre recorded shots plus they were not showing any police activity.
  5. Mass murders of total strangers has no shock value anymore. There is no way to know when or where it will happen. Somewhere I hope that the killers face proper justice. It won't happen on this earth. RIP to all who have been murdered.
  6. And who said only Muslims were terrorists?

  7. Well, it turns out the shooter was a US Army veteran.

    Who said America didn't have terrorists?

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