Wisconsin people

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  1. What part of Wisconsin you all from? I'm from south eastern by the boarder of Illinois Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  2. Southwest Wisconsin, close to Madison.
  3. OMG! I'm from La Crosse/Onalaska area. I graduated from the local high school! My mum still lives is Onalaska but I'm in Iowa for school. I love Wicso but there is no good bud in my area. Madison/Appleton area is good but about 2 hours away ;(

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  4. From Illinois but I used to visit Lake Delevan in wisconsin all the time
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    Southeastern, near the city. Currently in california though.

    Go Pack Go
  6. Northeastern MN right by Superior.
  7. West central! Hollaaa between Madison and Minneapolis
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    Near the La Crosse area here, some good green around the area mostly coming in the mail or whatever from CO. And the homegrown!
  9. Near Milwaukee here. Not bad bud, could be better.

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  10. I wanna visit u w. along with other schools in the state, but u of w I've ,, well I've just heard Madison is where it's at. Ima check it out ( hopefully) sometime. And stopp by milwakee and catch a bucks game.
  11. I'm from wisconsin! North east :p
  12. I bet all yall are from " that one part where they drink A LOT".
  13. Go Packers!!!!
  14. Near the fox valley

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  15. Lived in Janesville till I was 12, moved out to Cali (where I started smoking) and just moved to La Crosse two weeks ago and am dry as a bone! Anyone wanna help me out? Hehe
  16. im near lax but cant help sorrrrrryyyyyyy
  17. River falls nigga

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