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Wisconsin Outdoor Grow Journal

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by supperdude16, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone! :wave:
    I am starting my first grow in wisconsin USA...

    I ordered from amsterdam marijuana seeds- for the prices ;)
    i got my seeds in 7days! but i did not recieve my extra 20 seeds (figures haha)

    I got the Happy Outdoor Mix (30 Seeds)

    We always try to create new better strains for our growers and improve the quality of our existing seed strains basing on our customers comments. Those experiments produce 100% viable cannabis seeds but not always with exact properties as planned. Genetics you know its not an easy stuff to control - So we sell those little Frankensteins in the Happy Outdoor Mix for all of you to try out - This mix also contains leftovers meaning if we have a fresh harvest of White Widow seeds than we start selling the new seeds and put the old ones in the happy mix container.

    Special happy offer...30 happy outdoor mix seeds for only 25.00 euro.

    All orders which contains a pack of happy outdoor mix will get 20 extra happy outdoor mix seeds instead of the pack of freebies.

    -I am planning to grow the 30 seeds and also grow more bag seeds....

    Anyone want Pics? I am going to start the seeds in a couple days Bolt
    Anyone have any suggestions before i start?
  2. don't start the seeds until you know exactly what you are doing, where you are doing it, and make sure that you're grow site is ready to go (or within like 2-3 weeks of being ready). Plan before you plant. Keep weekly/daily checklists of things that you need to do on a regular basis (water, etc.)

    make sure you plant your seeds in moist soil and remember DO NOT WATER THEM. I planted in solo cups and there was enough water in them for the plants for a week and a half. wait until the first 1-2 inches of soil are dry before watering again if you need a gauge.

    That's all i can think of for now. Good luck with the grow, i'll be checking in on it and if you want to see how my baby girls are doing, I'm putting the link to my journal in my sig.
  3. Translation - We don´t know WTF we are selling you.
  4. Yeah therein lies the problem...if you strike paydirt, you don't know what to re-order, and neither do we. I had a real fine joint from one of my pals -you know who you are- so fruity, happy and high, but it was from a "safari mix" blend and we cannot pinpoint the strain to buy.
  5. yeah let check this out with some pics, i am from wisconsin myself so i am curious
  6. Good luck man!!
  7. That is so fucking true....laughing my ass off right now!
    Good luck on the grow!

    Loveshack420 :bongin:
  8. lolllll

    I just want to see whats in that mix ha

    i am ordering lowryder and early wonder skunk
    as well
  9. Pix will be here once my phone comes in the mail

    (picture texting lol)
  10. sounds like fun hopefully you got enough time before frost. GL
  11. Did you order them online or through a mail in catalog order? I also started a little garden in Wisconsin but I had to use seeds I had and unfortunately I ended up with just one female by what I can tell so far. I would love to get my hands on some Cinderella seeds. Good luck and happy gardening. Let us know how it turns out.
  12. I'm from WI too, last year I planted a few seedlings and it was a very long time til harvest, longer than I thought. I was already back at school in September and missed the harvest by probably 2 weeks. When I got to my plants they were about 4+ feet tall and had some large buds on them. (I smoked them and got a little high but was smoking a very large amount at once, i was way too late)

    It is definitely possible to grow without any care or worry (like I did), so I'm excited to see what you can get out of your plants if you put a little work into them.
  13. Heres a pic of my tallest plant =)...

    pic isn't very good, from my phone

    Attached Files:

  14. Hey my fellow Wisconsin-ite! How is everything coming along with this nice badass weather we have been having? Ill be watching your grow closely seeing we are about the same stage. Good luck man.
  15. hey, from eau claire wi here. just wondering if i can see some updated pics? maybe of your general outdoor area where its at too
  16. Hola! I am too from Wisconsin. I have planted mine about a week before yours so Im a little ahead but looks good so far. Ill be watching.
  17. Any word on this or any other WI grow stories ? I have something brewing myself and could use a little advice as it's flower time.
  18. Hey please dont consider this a thread hijack, but I just wanted to say that I went down to Caddot, WI this summer for a music festival and I love your state. Everyone I met was extremely friendly, welcoming and fucking good at party time:D and to be completely honest, it changed not only my own formly generally ignortant view of the US, but also many of the other internationals I talked to down there. So, I would just like to say WI is the shit:)
  19. Thanks much I'm glad you have love for our state
  20. ??? please do not tell us where your location is :)

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