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  1. Checking in as a new member from Wisconsin. I've been hanging around for a couple of weeks now, learning all I can. There isn't a shortage of awesome information available here, what a great community!
  2. Welcome to the City.

    Fellow Wisconsinite and grower here :smoking:
  3. Glad to see people sort of local around. I'm just getting started but pretty pumped. You do indoor or outdoor?
  4. Both this year my friend.

    I've got a round going under 12/12 right now that should be chopped around the beginning of May :yummy: Darkstar, SagenSour from TH Seeds, and Plush Berry from TGA/Subcool seeds. I put a Mandala strain (Hashberry Hashberry - Mandala Seeds) into cups last week for my outdoor grow, so I can have rooted clones of her by the Summer Solstice to put in the ground outside.

    Be glad you came here. I've had a friend growing in a next door State for about 7 years, who somewhat got me into this; I've passed him up in less than one calender year, in terms of product quality, with the help from growers on this site.

    Good luck to you. Normally I don't roam the intro section but I saw you're a grower from my State, so I thought I'd say High! :D

    If you have any questions, stop by my page, leave a message and I'll do what I can to help. Biggest tip I can give you knowing I was a total noob one year ago: don't over-feed your plants. An underfed plant will still be stank, just not perfect; an over-fed plant will be burnt and ruined and it's heart-breaking :smoking:

    Here's a shot of Critical Mass from Mr Nice, I grew last round:

  5. That's a great looking plant!

    Thanks for the tips, I went organic as my attention to detail with the bottled nutrients would have been a disaster!

    I was planning to do an outdoor grow but after I found a hunter's stand in my primary spot I was kind of upset, then I read about what deer do and I can't put up a fence so .... indoor I went. It'll be nice to be able to grow indoors year round though. I just need my seeds to pop so I can get this crap underway.

    I'll stop by your grow page, love the sharing that goes on here, this site is amazing! I've been applying the knowledge to my outdoor vegetable garden as well, can't wait to finally crush my father in law's garden crop. He's a miracle grow only kind of guy, I think with the organic soil mixes and getting a compost going I should be able to do good things here.
  6. That hashberry looks great! Read the link from the seed site!
  7. I'm an organic grower as well :D

    I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil - it's the bomb! Perfect mix of soil, nutrients, and drainage rock. I started out on Happy Frog - mixing in vegging/flowering addendum's to the base, which was okay, but I ended up using FFOF soil and Smart Pot containers (highly recommend them). I run the general organics nutrient line for soil, and basically only feed during flowering (maybe a little the last week of veg) because FFOF has all the nutrients I need to just about make it to 12/12.

    I read through your journal quick - I like that you run tests and seem to be quite thorough in preparation. That kind of ethic and attention to detail will pay dividends. Also, if height is going to be an issue, read up on topping/fimming your plants, and methods called 'low stress training (LST)' & 'super cropping'; it will help keep your plants low and increase your yields.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vacg2FZWtrk]Super Cropping Tutorial - YouTube[/ame]

    Mandala is a great seed company dude!! Very affordable seeds w/ great genetics. I dunno where you got your seeds, but Attitude Seed Bank and Seed Boutique are both legit sources; and some notable breeders: Mandala, TH Seeds, Mosca, Mr. Nice, TGA/Subcool, DJ Short, and Reservoir off the top of my head :smoking:

    I don't have any grow threads, but if you want to read up on a bomb soil grower, whom I myself learn from, come here and sift through his grow threads: http://forum.grasscity.com/members/37992-aw.html
  8. I'm trying to be as prepared as I can here, know I'm going to miss a ton but really don't want to kill or stunt anything by not being ready for it.

    I'm planning to LST these right away, considering more stressful methods for future grows if I need to. Looks like people can do pretty well with a LST, so I'll try that first and it seems pretty safe for the plants.

    Thanks for the seed bank info. I don't even remember the names of who I used off the top of my head, but I"ll try those out.
  9. I'm next to the great lake superior. Nice to hear there is more Wisconsinites on grass city
  10. Just making sure you're on the right path with seeds. There are tons of bunk seed banks.

    You'll be fine. Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning. I still do; just today I had to tape up 3 tops I super-cropped a little too hard :eek:

    I did LST only in the beginning. Now I top after the plant is at 5th node. When you top a plant, all the undergrowth beasts out, giving you between 4-8 uniform trunks, then you can manipulate those via LST or super-crop as you please. Fim cuts are nice too, just like a 'top cut' except the top isn't totally removed, you remove 80-90% of the newest growth, letting undergrowth come up without fully removing the top:


    Make sure the pH of your water is on too. Very important :smoking:


    Thadrought - you gots 666 posts brah, kinda scary when you're as high as I am :eek:

    JK :p I love Lake Superior - one of my favorite lakes to swim in. A good friend of mine has a cabin outside Washburn right on the Lake; pure bliss, even on a the hottest day of the Summer that water is nice and cold :smoke:
  11. Sorry, yes I actually plan to top them too, forgot to mention that :) Top and LST is all I have planned for this round.

    I'll look up the seed banks I ordered from later tonight.

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