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Wisconsin growing

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by ForrestGreen420, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Would this weekend be ideal for starting my seeds. I'm in so Wisconsin. Wisconsin growers reply!!
  2. Very late in my opinion. I started mine indoors March 1st, put them in the ground May 1st. Its possible for them to mature in time with the right conditions (if we have a very mild September&October). In my experience its best to get early finishing strains due to our fluctuating temperatures and shitty weather.
  3. Yeah. Last year I started around memorial day. Bc of the frost, does it not matter how late? Or will they generally finish up same time as usual?
  4. It definitely matters how late, I'd just save your seeds for next year.
  5. Yes, you can plant now. They won't be as large (probably) than if you started earlier, but they would have a 4 month growing period before frosts hit you.
  6. Yeah I did it last year around memorial day. It's fine I mean the yield won't be as big but whatever. It will still b worth it. And I got sum auto flowers so it won't matter either way
  7. Last year my plants got over six ft
  8. I don't grow but I dont know how the hell you grow in Wisconsin outdoors! Maybe cause I'm in the city
  9. Country haha. The weather is amazing this year
  10. Wayyy to hot for my liking it's like 105 degrees here! But yes lots of sun!

    Is your grow usually some dank?
  11. Shit happened last year but this year forsure got sum prefliwers already big plants should be good
  12. I just germed a few bag seeds, they will be growing indoors for a while until I can plant them outside. I am just curious to see how they would do.. I really dont care what yield I get as long as I get something. I will be planting earlier next year.
  13. This year im goin big. Just transplanted 8 autos whih just sprouted. Day 7-8.

    And i have atleast 15 outside all fem, all dank strains. Mostly different too strains too
  14. I would go for autos only this late bro. When I lived there in 09 it was nice and mild until like mid Oct, then frost and snow every damn day. I was like 3 miles from the lake though. Reppin' Racine! lol
  15. I got around thirty outside now and a few agent orange just sprouting two autos an afghan and a blue hash. All from attitude! Good seedbNk. Here are some of my younger babies moby dick and sweet dreams doing real good so far

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