Wisconsin cannabis law reform efforts

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  1. Our state sucks and is filled with establishment republicans in the legislator, we need to elect some libertarians. So is there a bill proposed that would make voter referendums state wide? Cause it looks like that's the only way to get mmj in wisconsin
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  3. Wisconsin NORML, Madison NORML and anonymous friends are going to match dollar to dollar donations up to $1000 between 4:20 today Jan 20, ending after the Madison NORML meeting on Mon, Jan 27.We need everyone to get the word out as soon as possible and keep spreading the news throughout the week. Every donation helps, please do what you can.Please share far and wide on social media, put up on websites, forums, and share with friends and family and the news media. https://rally.org/f/5Ar94lW3pdj is the link.
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    *Jan 22: Lobby Day

    *Jan 22: State of the State – NORML has permit

    *Feb 12: Doctor Day at the Capitol – NORML applied for permit

    *March 22: Controlled Substances Board Meeting 9:00am 1400 East Wash Rm 121 C

    *April 15: UW Legalization Event
  5. Do you think mj will be medically available in wisconsin this year??
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    Wisconsin lawmakers have put forth several bills to address racist and outdated prohibition laws. It's time to debate this legislation and to schedule public hearings without delay.

    SB363/AB480 provides legal protection for medical cannabis patients who use it to treat symptoms of illness such as cancer, glaucoma and PTSD under the order of a practitioner. SB363 is held up in the Health and Human Services committee, chaired by Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Waukesha) who is a nurse and says she believes there is no medicinal value to marijuana and will not give the bill a public hearing. AB480 is held up in the Health Committee, chaired by Rep. Erik Severson (R-Star Prairie) who has stated he will not give the bill a public hearing.

    AB638 is bi-partisan legislation which would authorize the growing and processing of industrial hemp. Hemp in this bill is defined as having lower than 0.3% THC. Wisconsin was a top producer of hemp in the 1900s. Wisconsin fields grow feral hemp to this day. Hemp mill artifacts can be found throughout the state. AB638 has been referred to the Committee on Consumer Protection chaired by Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac) who earlier this session introduced legislation to harshen marijuana possession penalties.

    AB726 is bi-partisan legislation which would define CBD separately from THC. The CBD extract is allowed to be dispensed by a practitioner for the treatment of a seizure disorder. It is rumored that an amendment to this legislation to allow people to acquire the oil across state lines via a DEA IND program will be put forth, but expansion of the conditions will not be considered. It was introduced by Rep. Robb Kahl (D-Monona) and a hearing was held in the Children and Families on 2/12 (http://www.wiseye.org/Programming/VideoArchive/EventDetail.aspx?evhdid=8492), chaired by legislation co-sponsor Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa). The bill does not have a Senate version at this time.

    LRB3671 was introduced by Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) and as she stated in a letter sent to colleagues "would create a regulatory framework for marijuana possession and distribution. It would also standardize age of use as well as penalties for operating while under the influence."

    Instead of wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars a year fighting a never ending "war on marijuana," Wisconsin lawmakers should take this opportunity to give the People what they want: patient access to safe medicine without being a criminal and sensible marijuana laws.

    Wisconsin NORML

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    Wisconsin Marijuana Billboard:

    Wisconsin reform organizations, working together, have worked to set up this goal.
    We hope to gain your support in working towards putting up a billboard in the Waukesha/Brookfield/West Allis area, near districts of Sen Vukmir and Sen Lazich.

    Medical Marijuana is supported by a majority of Wisconsin voters, but this medicine is being blocked by politicians. Patients are needlessly suffering. Your donation can make a big difference.

    The primary goal is to put pressure on politicians who are against medical cannabis, and this is a very prominent spot for billboards, near two committee member districts. A secondary goal is to have residual effect on 2014 elections.

    To achieve this goal, we are hoping to top $7500 through crowdfunding. We hope to run the billboard for 4-6 weeks before the November 2014 election.

    We hope you will donate to this campaign.

    The billboard will be digital, present a picture of Lazich and Vukmir with text of "Who is stopping medical cannabis in Wisconsin? Sen Lazich is... Sen Vukmir is..." It will have reference to SB363.
    Please send questions to madison@winorml.org

    Wisconsin NORML
    The Ben Masel Project
    Madison NORML
    SE Wisconsin NORML
    Wisconsin ASA
  8. its sad to see how Walker and the republicans have demoralized the MMJ movement in WI.
    i mean i completely understand why too
    what's the use in getting a bill passed if Walker is just going to flush all your hard work down the drain?
  9. Fuck Scott Walker. That is all.
  10. oops
    i also forgot to add that yes i will be donating to the sign
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    The billboard was funded and things continue to go as planned, it will run September 23-Nov 2 along I-94 near Brookfield/West Allis.

    Oct 3-5 in Madison, WI is the 44th Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival


    It's going to be great this year. Two state representatives will speak on Sunday after the march.
  12. I have no hope in the short run for Wisconsin. 
    Too many traditional herp derpers in both parties around these parts  :smoking:
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    New Billboard Highlights Wisconsin State Senators' Obstruction of Medical Marijuana Legislation

    *Billboard image available online at WisLegalize.org*

    MADISON, Wis., Sept. 29, 2014 -- The League of Marijuana Voters launched a billboard Monday that highlights two Wisconsin state senators' obstruction of medical marijuana legalization. The first ever billboard advocating for medical marijuana legislation in Wisconsin is part of a new campaign targeting Senators Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) and Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) for preventing passage of a bill that would allow people suffering from debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. The group is coordinating with the local Southeastern Wisconsin NORML chapter to raise awareness in the Senators' districts.

    The billboard, which faces eastbound traffic on I-94 by 121st St. in West Allis, features silhouettes of the two legislators, their names, and their phone numbers. It reads, "WI patients have NO access to medical marijuana," and encourages voters to, "Ask [them] why!" The ad will run from September 29 through November 9. The billboard was designed by a volunteer and paid for by more than 100 individual donors. Planning and fundraising for more billboards around the state are currently underway.

    Sen. Vukmir, who chairs the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, refused to allow a committee vote on the Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act (JRMCA). Sen. Lazich (R-New Berlin), who serves on the committee, was also vocal in her opposition to the bill.

    "Studies have repeatedly shown that marijuana has significant medical benefits," said League of Marijuana Voters co-founder Eric Marsch. "It can inhibit epileptic seizures, reduce the nausea associated with chemotherapy, and relieve the pain associated with multiple sclerosis, among other things. People suffering from serious illnesses should not be punished for using medical marijuana if it can relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life."

    In April, the legislature passed a bill ostensibly allowing people suffering from seizures to use CBD oil, a marijuana extract. Unfortunately the bill requires the federal FDA approve an investigational drug permit for CBD oil before anyone in Wisconsin can access it, something unlikely to happen anytime soon, and it doesn't cover the vast majority of illnesses that medical marijuana treats. By contrast, the JRMCA would immediately allow patients suffering from a wide variety of debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana.

    "We want to make medical marijuana a major issue in these last few weeks before the election," Marsch said. "Most Wisconsin voters support access to medical marijuana, and the legislature cannot keep sweeping this issue under the rug."

    A 2010 Dane County Advisory Referendum showed 75.49% of voters in support of medical marijuana. In February 2013, a Fox News poll showed 85% of American voters in favor. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have adopted laws that allow seriously ill people access to medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it.
  14. I would love to do something with this.
    I'm trying to work in Eau Claire, WI to get some hype going.
    Marijuana needs to be legalized, and if you at all need a hand, please let me know.
  15. I'd love to help out with any legalization efforts!!!!!! I'm from Milwaukee! Haha

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    NORML Working with Dane CountyCommunities: It's Time to End Marijuana Prohibtion.

    A Better Way

    Significant progress has been made concerning marijuana law in Dane County and positive changes seem to be in the works for some local communities. However, many penalties remain on the books. There is a clear path to a better county, through progressive marijuana policy, which sets the tone statewide and nationwide.

    Enforcement of these unjust laws needlessly clogs the criminal justice system and wastes millions of taxpayers' dollars. The war on marijuana is carried out with stunning racial bias. This war spends money where it doesn't help the community. Use and availability have not been significantly impacted. There is a better way.

    Paraphernalia laws exacerbate the issue and are a major contributor to arrests. Many times these laws are used to compound charges against offenders.

    Law enforcement are ready for these changes. They see the realities of marijuana today more than ever before in the face of a heroin epidemic and want these laws changed. Dane County prosecutors have the option to charge marijuana possession criminally, but since 2007 it is a rare case when they do so they end up as ordinance violations. Fines can lead to bench
    warrants, which for some lead to jail time.

    It's time to end prohibition of marijuana.

    Moving Beyond Marijuana Prohibition in Dane County

    In 2010, Dane County voted on a referendum asking if Wisconsin should allow medical marijuana, which passed with 75.49% of the vote. That same year in Dane County, it was reported in the ACLU report The War On Marijuana in Black and White that blacks were arrested more than six times as often as whites yet only constituted 5.2% of the population.

    In 2014, Dane County voted on a referendum asking if Wisconsin should allow legalization of
    marijuana, which passed with 64.5% of the vote.

    Working with Madison NORML and Wisconsin NORML, a plan to work on ordinances was researched and documented. It continues to be adapted to fit where applied. Full
    repeal is recommended for prohibition of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia ordinances and penalties.

    Some municipalities are choosing to include language prohibiting juvenile possession in their ordinances. We offer no opposition to these amendments but we suggest fact-based approaches to educating juveniles of the risks associated with consuming psychoactive drugs rather than provide penalties.

    Local Ch-ch-changes

    Middleton began deliberating on the issue in July 2015 and are considering a proposal which is currently in committee. Alders have been in support of lowering fines, the police chief stated he "would not be opposed to reducing our fine amount or adopting the provision of allowing casual amounts in a private setting." At a Council of the Whole meeting in mid-2015, it was discussed positively.

    Fitchburg had $1000 fine for small possession, the highest in the county, leading to fines with fees and court costs as high as $1321. In September 2015 they made a revision to their ordinance. Possession of marijuana for 21 years and over is now $1 fine, possession of marijuana under 21 years is a $200 fine.

    In 2015, Dane County made a change from $1000 fine to $1 fine for possession of arbitrarily small amounts of cannabis for first time offenders. Statewide, second offense for possession is a felony and any cultivation is a felony, even passing a joint has been charged as felony distribution. Full repeal is recommended.

    Monona alders were contacted and a meeting was set up with an alder and the police chief, a police sergeant attended as well. At their request, I proposed language for an amendment to the ordinance. Subsequently, there has been continued productive conversation leading to discussion between citizens, alders and law enforcement at a committee meeting in Jan 2016. The committee is now considering two proposals. One to repeal prohibition, one keeping a $1 fine, both proposals contain language prohibiting juvenile possession and exempt marijuana paraphernalia from their drug paraphernalia possession ordinance. The measures will likely be discussed and voted on at the committee meeting in February. We will recommend the city move forward without a fine.

    Madison's ordinance 23.20 was enacted in 1977. There is little that is progressive remaining in the language. We recommend full repeal along with exempting marijuana paraphernalia from 23.201, preparing for legalization statewide and nationwide.

    I am so grateful for and look forward to more enlightening discussions with so many thoughtful people of our great county and state. Leaders willing to push to finally end this devastating war are making the right decisions to step forward into the light. The results are overwhelmingly positive.

    In the event that certain cities or villages are not willing to move forward, using State Statute 9.20 allowing direct legislation remains an option. We do not prefer this method as there is great value in the discussion.

    The time is now to end the prohibition of marijuana across the county, state and country. Let's pushforward towards other communities and strive for great achievements in 2016.

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