Wisconsin cannabis law reform efforts

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  1. 3rd meeting of like minded folks in the greater Milwaukee area will be
    Monday, January 31st, 2011 at 6:30pm – 8:30pm (weather permitting)
    At The Brewing Grounds for Change located at 2008 North Farwell Avenue.

    Southeastern WI Norml | Facebook
  2. Meeting of Northern Wisconsin NORML
    Tue, February 22, 6:30pm – 7:30pm Berlin Public library, 2nd floor, Kay Swan room Please feel free to contact Jay (Executive Director) at 920-410-2920 or Jessie (Secretary) at 920-748-2923 for more information. For the safety of our participants and our meeting facility, we request that you do not bring any illegal possessions or contraband of any type to meetings and events.
    Northern Wisconsin NORML Official Website

    The next Madison NORML meeting is Monday, February 14, 2010.

    Madison NORML meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month
    Location: Wil Mar Center Youth Room in basement 7-9pm, Wil Mar Center 953 Jenifer St. Madison, WI 53703.
  3. State of Wisconsin:

    The Primary Election will be held February 15, 2011.

    Spring 2011 Election will be held April 5, 2011.


    Supreme Court hopeful wants change
    A Madison-based attorney has his sights set on a possible seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
    Joel Winnig, who was born and raised in Wausau and studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, expressed support for drug policy reform when he spoke at Harvest Fest last fall in Madison.
    \t \t\t "I am only talking about adults when I reference legalizing responsible consumption of marijuana," he said. "I realize this issue is larger than Wisconsin, but our drug laws are irrational. Legalizing responsible consumption of marijuana could free up law enforcement to look into more violent crimes. It would save money.
    \t \t\t "We need to change the law. We tried prohibition and it didn't work. I am not recommending marijuana, but I am just being an advocate of free choice."

    DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE. Ensure you vote in the primary and the spring election.

    Wisconsin NORML can not endorse any candidates but will post known positions of candidates.
  4. The statewide vote will allow you the chance to vote on a State Supreme Court Candidate who has openly stated that he supports drug policy reform, specifically ending marijuana prohibition.

    The court holds a lot of power in Wisconsin. All lower state courts refer to the rulings of the State Supreme Court.


    All of Wisconsin will be able to vote for Supreme Court candidates. If you don't vote in the primary (February 15th), it's not a given that your preferred candidate will be on the Spring 20011 Election (April 5th).

    So pretty much you have to vote both times. And you have to tell your friends to vote both times.
  5. I encourage all Wisconsin Residents and especially businesses to call this phone number and demand to know where the Wisconsin cannabis jobs are?! Ask cannabis friendly business owners to call this number - even in other states who may (even if it's a long shot) consider expanding to Wisconsin.

    Remember Fairwater Hemp Company?
    Fairwater, Wisconsin: Fairwater Hemp Company Employees, 1917

    "MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin businesses that create jobs now have a direct line to the governor's office.

    Gov. Scott Walker opened the jobs hotline Friday.

    Businesses looking to create or retain jobs in Wisconsin can call 855-854-JOBS.

    Anyone who dials that number will receive a call back from the administration within 24 hours. "
  6. Join the Madison NORML/Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival Street Team.

    E-mail madison@winorml.org with subject: Street Team.

    We're looking for some folks who can help bring an even bigger crowd to the festival and march to the Capitol in October 2011. We're getting started early this year.
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    Global Cannabis March Madison, WI May 7, 2011

    Gather from 10a-12p with signs on the State St. steps of the Capitol and march shortly after noon or as the Farmer's Market winds down.

    We will march to the Mifflin St. party and a post-march destination TBD.

    Facebook Event:

  8. To all:

    Madison NORML is very low on funds. Our store is costing more money than we bring in. Please help by buying a shirt or a wristband or a membership and keep Madison NORML able to promote cannabis law reform

  9. Lobby for Workers at the Capitol \t\t

    \t\t\t February 15, 2011 \t\t\t - February 16, 2011 \t\t\t \t\t

    Join SEIU and community partners for a rally and lobby day at the state capitol on [FONT=&quot]Tuesday, Feb. 15th[/FONT] and [FONT=&quot]Wednesday, Feb. 16th[/FONT]. We will be lobbying against the budget proposal that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for state employees. You can join us for one or both days.​

    [FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot]Catch a FREE bus from your community to the capitol:[/FONT]
    Appleton: Outagamie County/Appleton park and ride, US 41/exit 144 on Ballard Road in Appleton 6:30am
    Beaver Dam:
    ShopKo parking lot off Hwy 151, 822 Park Ave 8am Black River Falls: Best Western Parking Lot - Orange Moose (I-94 and Hwy 54) 6:15am
    De Pere: Park and ride on US 41/exit 163 on Main Street 6am
    Eau Claire: Eau Claire Labor Temple, 2233 Birch Street 6:15am
    Fond du Lac: FDL park and ride, WI23 and County Hwy W in Mount Calvary 7:35am
    LaCrosse: LaCrosse Mail, 1501 St. Andrew St. 6:15am (Tuesday only)
    Manitowoc: Manitowoc park and ride, I43/exit 149, US 151 5:45am
    Milwaukee: AFSCME DC 48, 3427 W St. Paul Ave. 7:45am
    Oshkosh: Winnebago County/Oshkosh park and ride, US 41/exit 116 on S Washburn St 7:15am
    Plover: Shooters Super Club, I39 and Hwy 54 7:15am
    Portage: Best Western, 2701 County Rd CX 8:30am
    Racine: Highway 11 Park and Ride 7am
    Sheboygan: Sheboygan park and ride, I43/exit 123 WI 28 6:30am
    Tomah: Culvers, 147 Wittig Rd 6:15am
    Waukesha: Goerke's Corners Park and Ride 8:15am
    Wausau: Wausau Labor Temple, 318 S 3rd Ave 6:15am

    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Madison folks: Meet us at the Madison Masonic Center, 301 Wisconsin Ave at 10am.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot]Can't make it to the daytime events? Take part in a vigil either evening on the Capitol Square from 3pm to 7pm. [/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Wisconsin Legislature will be voting on this bill. Our jobs, our benefits and our rights are at stake and we need to tell the legislature that enough is enough - we will not stand by and watch our rights be stripped away.[/FONT]
    To reserve your seat on a bus, contact Laura Kendellen at 414-727-6364 x10.
    Free food will be provided at the Madison Masonic Temple, 301 Wisconsin Ave. [FONT=&quot][/FONT]
    Itinerary for both days:
    10am Legislative briefing​
    11am Lobby visits​
    noon Rally on Capitol Square​
    1pm Lobby visits
    5pm Head home​
  10. I'm helping out with the 2012 efforts to legalize in CA. Is Wisconsin going to have a state referendum in 2012? Are you a part of it? I would like to know how things are going over there. I am hoping that in 2011 the states looking to legalize could form some sort of common website to share ideas on their approach to legalization. NORML is very lacking in that it doesn't have an internet forum/board. It is a huge oversight. If they formed an internet board it would have a huge following immediately and serve as a great resource to activists.

    Hope things are going well in WI!:wave:
  11. Thanks for the interest, YesOnPie.

    Wisconsin cannot have statewide ballot initiative, only the legislature can put something on the statewide ballot. We do however have city and village ballot initiatives and yes, we plan to put binding referendum in many villages and cities on the ballot in 2012. Essentially the goal is to make cities and villages enact legislation that makes marijuana possession or cultivation the same level as a parking ticket.

    (If any Wisconsinites want to be our contact in your city or village, please contact us madison at winorml dot org - it's easy, we'll help facilitate the whole thing or give you the tools to do it)

    I agree with you about NORML needing a message board. It would be a big boost for the organization
  12. I WILL be there to support instead of going to school tomorrow.

    When is the next Madison NORML meeting?
  13. is there an election tuesday? who's the guy were suppose to vote for?!?!
  14. For the protest:
    We're meeting outside the Starbucks Tuesday and Wednesda at 11:30a on MLK that's the road where Monona Terrace is. From Monona Terrace, walk towards the Capitol.

    Voting Tuesday, the only person we have received a quote of support from is Joel Winnig, State Supreme Court Candidate, who is in support of changing drug policy to be a personal freedom.
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    Southeastern/Milwaukee NORML
    Tuesday, February 15 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

    Brewing Grounds for Change
    2008 North Farwell Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI

    This is the 4th meeting of Southeastern Wisconsin's emerging cannabis reform leader. Join us at the next meeting as we announce the progress we have made and the steps we are working on to reform cannabis in Wisconsin. Contact your State Representatives and ask their opinion of cannabis at http://capwiz.com/norml2/home

    Northern Wisconsin NORML

    Tue, February 22, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

    Berlin Public library, 2nd floor, Kay Swan room Please feel free to contact Jay (Executive Director) at 920-410-2920 or Jessie (Secretary) at 920-748-2923 for more information. For the safety of our participants and our meeting facility, we request that you do not bring any illegal possessions or contraband of any type to meetings and events.

    Madison NORML
    February 28th 7pm
    Wil-Mar Center
    953 Jenifer St.
    Madison, WI
    Madison NORML meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month excluding major holidays. Committees meet more often.
  16. Meeting again on Wednesday at 11:30am at Starbucks on the Square. It's by Martin Luther King jr. drive.

    Come out and offer that marijuana legalization is a far better idea than union busting.
  17. As the budget repair bill is causing such a big controversy, maybe it would be worth it to organize a march to the Capitol with signs of our solution and support for the employees of Wisconsin.

    Signs could be in solidarity or such as "a better solution is an end to cannabis prohibition" "Hemp = Jobs" "Save the budget - Legalize marijuana" or of course others.

    With fair participation, it might be a good way to get some positive media attention.

    Do you think this is a viable option?
  18. If anything it would get the people at the protest thinking, and you may get some coverage from news 3 etc etc.

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