Wisconsin cannabis law reform efforts

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  1. I will begin posting Wisconsin links, news, events and updates here. Anyone else active in Wisconsin, I encourage you to do the same with any Wisconsin updates you may have.
  2. Stupid LaCrosse mayor
  3. Heard about K2 being banned on the news today, but I figured it was only a matter of time before it would be illegal. It is also only a matter of time before we will have medical and many counties decriminalized.
  4. I've heard people say that supposedly it's decriminalized in Dane county. But that aint true at all. My friend got a $1,700 fine for a gram and paraphanalia
  5. They are voting on medical marijuana this november if it gets put on the ballot I believe.
  6. K2 has been banned in: Superior, Milwaukee, Brown County, Wausau, Waukesha, Greenfield. LaCrosse tried to decrim it and cannabis, but their mayor vetoed it. It's a load of crap their reasoning is horrible and they aren't looking at the big picture. Madison has an ordinance, not Dane County: Madison NORML . I'm surprised that your friend would have been prosecuted in Dane County. You can contact Madison NORML for advice on a lawyer if this situation arises in the future in Wisconsin. In Dane County and River Falls, WI the ballot will have the question: "Should the Wisconsin Legislature enact legislation allowing residents with debilitating medical conditions to acquire and possess marijuana for medical purposes if supported by their physician?" In Dane County it is on the back of the ballot
  7. Independent governor candidate Jim Langer says he wants marijuana and hemp to be legal in Wisconsin: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6GvUFyRZDY"]YouTube - WPT Candidate Statements - Jim Langer (I) Candidate for Governor[/ame]
  8. sounds like a good candidate for WI.. does he have a chance as he's independent?
  9. Not nearly as likely as Walker or Barrett.
  10. Sheriff Michael Turner running in Eau Claire county as a democrat is planning on not enforcing pot laws. I spoke with him, and he said basically if police did have to deal with it, they would smash it on the ground, and just not give a fine.
  11. Don't forget to vote in Wisconsin.

    Dane County and City of River Falls, WI have a referendum on the ballots (Dane County - It's on the back of the ballot).
    "Should the Wisconsin Legislature enact legislation allowing residents with debilitating medical conditions to acquire and possess marijuana for medical purposes if supported by their physician?"

    Also here is an informative article about state and nationwide cannabis issues Voters have some opportunities to impact state and national cannabis policies - Madison norml | Examiner.com
  12. The Dane County MMJ referendum passed by something like a 74/26 vote yesterday.:smoke:

    Does this go into effect for just residents of dane county? Im just curious seeing as all my healthcare comes out of madison.
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    Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Advisory Referenda Pass | StoptheDrugWar.org - River Falls, WI passes referendum with 68% Dane County Voters Show Support For Medical Marijuana - Health News Story - WISC Madison - Dane County passes referendum with 75.5% of votes, more than any candidate in Dane County. WisPolitics.com: MMARCC: County landslide for MMJ referendum a mandate for change - County landslide for medical marijuana referendum a mandate for change We can do more of referendums around the state. Next round we've considered doing it with legalization language rather than medical as well as making them binding. It's up to you to initiate the process. It must be someone within the village or city limits who files the paperwork, then at the end turns in signatures. We're looking for people to stand up and help move this forward in Wisconsin. We will do all we can to collect the needed signatures with you, but you have to take the first steps. Contact us ( madison@winorml.org ), or contact your village or city clerk. Or work with your count board supervisor. This can be done for the spring elections or fall elections. Let's get some on the spring ballot to continue to show this new group of legislators and the remaining legislators that this is important to Wisconsin.
  14. ^^
    I though Madison already had a city ordinance allowing for the medical use of marijuana, and possession of small amounts for personal use...

    What needs to happen next is the medical marijuana bill should pass and me made law. I think trying to make marijuana completely legal in the state is a little premature.

    I already plan on writing to all my representatives asking them to support medical marijuana, but I'm not sure what else I can do. This is bullsh*t. I'm willing to put a lot of work into making medical marijuana legal but you guys from WI Norml never respond to any emails I send you.
  15. unless that letter contains more cash than the big ticket parties are already getting from pharmaceuticals, unfortunately i think you're just wasting your time friend.
  16. If you can tell me a better way to change the laws, then I will do that.

    Until then, I will still write to my representatives.
  17. Madison does have an ordinance, it is ordinance 23.20:
    Madison NORML

    The vote on Nov 2 was for Dane County.

    Contacting your representatives is a good start.

    If you live in a village or city, you can start to talk with your clerk to get a ballot initiative on the April 2011 ballot. This could be a binding referendum. Or work with your county board supervisor.

    as for responding to e-mail, I don't have any PMs from you so please let me know what e-mail addy you are sending to.

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