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  1. Hey everyone, 

    I am in awe of the creativity and engineering feats of some of you guys! My question is with the inline fans, ballasts, timers, pumps, etc; where are you plugging all these cords in? Surge protectors? Sorry if this sounds overly simple but I've just never seen any outlets in any of the grow journals. Thanks in advance.
  2. yep just a simple surge protector or power strip. 
    ...make sure to always keep electricity off the floor in case of water spills ;)
  3. Just make sure it can handle the amount of power you want to pull through it. I've seen cheap dollar store power strips that are only good up to 600w. Should say on the packaging or the power strip itself
  4. Small items like circulation fans I plug in a surge protector for convenience. Any ballast, a/c, dehumidifier, or hv fan get plugged straight in to an outlet. Cheap surge protectors are just an extra point of failure and do very little to actually protect equipment. I've seen quite a bit of electronics get fried even though they were plugged in to a surge protector.
  5. Do not just change to a larger fuse if u trip one. It would be safer to use multiple outlets. Also most of your bathroom sockets are designed to handle hair dryers and have the gfci to protect u and yours.

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  6. Don't forget to keep all your wiring up, off the ground!    Be sure this is below all water sources, and below any point where water may accumulate.    Safety first, always!
  7. WP_20141023_23_42_42_Pro.jpg I'm using one of these GFIs before the outlet receptacle
  8. I just bout a powstrip with a gfci...does that help prevent a fire? Not by water though
  9. I think you bought a power strip with a breaker. Breaker and gfi are different.
  10. No it said its gfci..tripplite gfci powers trip...I'm thinking I should of went with a breaker one...will it help prevent a fire if it theoretically is a gfci powers trip? Or is it just for wah wah

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