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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TheTsunami, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. i have a floresent light fixture thats meant to be hooked up to a junction box.. it has 2 wires black and white it has no green(ground) can i cut off the female end of a extension cord and connect it to these wires and plug in the extension cord and have it work? or do i have to connect it to a junction box? plz help i'm doing the best i can to not shock the shit out of myself ... some help would be greatly appreaciated.
  2. Yes you can use an extension cord. Dont plug it in untill youre completley done wiring it.
  3. extension cord didnt work i wired black to black and white to white, taped it . there was no ground on the light so i just covered the green wire, i plugged it in and nothing but im gonna try to hook it up to some eltrical wiring i have running in my attic to see if i can get it to work.. if i cant get it im just gonna pickup that street light
  4. My little 70 watt HPS light i got from lowes is one of those security lights and it came with the wires that you have to hook up to a junktion box as well. i took one of those long orange extension cords cut the female bart off and wired white to white and black to black used electrical tape to keep them together.
  5. i tried that but with a cord off a heater... dont ask me why its all i could find and it didnt work ... the light has a little blue circle thing on the side which i think could be like a sensor to only make the light turn on when its dark? maybe thats why it didnt turn on idk maybe i just need to use a orange extension cord.
  6. an extension cord is just basic cord so it think its the easiest. As for the sensor just put a peice of black tape over it or some tin foil so it cant see the light.
  7. well i think the lights broke cause i did everything i could and no luck so im gonna stick to cfls and floresent tubes :/ maybe ill try that light i found
  8. Hey man, what country ya in, the uk an european wiring colours are red, black & green yellow stripe(old uk colours) new euro colours are brown blue & green yellow stripe. Ive only ever seen black and white on the internal ballast and starter component wiring, most floro's have a three way connector inside to connect ya wiring too and theres always a ground on metal light fittings, its for safety so always connect it.
    So in answer to ya question i think that having black an white wires hanging out ya fittin isnt right and i think ya ought to stick wit ya current lights or get a hps...
    I hope this helps ya bud.
  9. yeah im gettin like a 200$ pay check after this week and im gonna buy a 70 watt hps light for 40 bucks... i already built the box its 1ftx1ftx4ft high i got a mist of destruction seedling in it right now with 4 shitty gro-lux flo tubes on em i still have to put plywood walls on my frame. Could someone explain to me the best way to have intake fans and exhaust fans for this box? i could probably get ahold of some computer fans if i need to. Also i dont want any light to leak out from fan holes i've heard use the L joints of pvc and paint the inside black or something? idk help is appreaciated ... god i hope its a female
  10. You only need a active exhaust and it will pull air into the box through the passive intake when your exhaust fan is on. It works like a vaccume. So just get 2 computer fans and put them on the back side close to the top.Then for the passive intake either make hole in the bottom the size of your pvc tube or get a passive intake vent for a darkroom(photography) and put that on the front of the box close to the bottom. Yes use the pvc L joints with the to eliminate light leaks.Good luck and hopefully its a female. You dont gave anymore seeds? Id plant 2 or 3 just to be sure one is female.
  11. well i have 2 more growing outside in my friends treefort i know that sounds kinda lame but we smokeout there all the time and its the shit when ur high... i have another plant growing at my house but its bagseed but its doing better than my mist of destruction plant. I had 10 lowryders but they started showing signs of sex like at 2 weeks old :(
    well i'll definately add that exhaust cause im gettin a 150 watt hps light sometime this week or next week... thanks for the help bagz

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