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  1. need some help from someone that knows how to wire shit together.
    awhile back I bought a 360 cable that went to vga, cuz my tv is old with a shitty picture. I had it hooked up to a monitor, things were going well, but I moved the 360 into the living room(I just unplugged it from the xbox not the vga part) for a night. I put it back in my room, I get 4 flashing lights(av error). turns out the part that plugs into the 360 is loose or something is wrong with it.
    bought the black cord you can see in the picture, just received it today, plug it in and the monitor doesnt get the signal. now I know the monitor is fine, I also know the regular 360 av cable I have works fine. so that means its the new one. 
    I wanted to know if I could cut off the vgas from both, switch the vga from the 360 cord to the black one? that is if I can get a refund or replacement


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  2. Have you tried turning it off and on?
  3. the cord doesnt have a switch. 
    the store I bought it from is sending me a new one, though I probly wont receive it til next week.
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    No you cannot swap the VGA connector.  Once it has been used to terminate a cable, it's on there permanently.  Parts of it basically get smushed into the wire to make good electrical contact; it was never intended to come off.
    If you try to splice the cables together it will look, and work, like shit.

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