Wiring pc fans - safe?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Buddah Lovaz, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hey guys

    Im going to attempt my first grow in a pc box soon. Ive already started and my cabinet is ready to go. Im only waiting for my seeds, air pump and CFLs ive ordered.

    Im going to grow blue mystic and lowryder x ak47.
    Im also going for hydro (dwc), so its gonna be really exciting :smoking:

    Anyways, the thing is, ive wired two pc fans with electrical tape to a 12v adapter and it works great. But im wondering if its safe? Like is there a chance that its gonna make a fire or something? :confused:
  2. I have been running mine like that for 3 months no problems
  3. the only thing you really have to consider it the capacity of the power supply and the draw from the fans.

    Ideally the power supply should deliver double the amps that the fans draw. Check to see if the power supply is warm or hot. The warmer, the greater the risk of failure (slight possibility of fire).
  4. Just to let ya know man if you're doing a PC grow, DWC is very impractical because its actually a Shallow Water Culture because of the space allowed. With a shallow resivoir like that, the PH can swing wildly and quickly making it hard to keep it steady without almost constant monitoring. Especially if you're new soil really is the way to go for now. Soil has a much bigger room for error which can make or break a hydro setup very quickly.

    Good luck man
  5. I would go out and get a pack of wire nuts from Lowe's, they only cost around $4-$5. Electrical tape is nice, but there are issues that can arise with using it. Best bet is to put a wire nut on to connect the two wires and then also wrap some electrical tape around it. This is what I did and it has a much less chance to cause an arch. Hope this was useful :D

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