Wiring PC Fan

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  1. So heres a picture step by step to wire a PC Fan:

    1. You will need a PC Fan and a 12V AC Adapter.

    2. Cut the plug off the AC adapter.

    3. Split the wire into 2 parts. (Wire will split easily rite down the joining line)

    4. Cut the plug off the PC fan wires.

    5. Strip the ends of all 4 wires (2 from the ac adapter and 2 from the fan)
    You dont need to strip much, about 3/4 - 1 inch of bare contact is good.

    6. Connect the Red fan wire to the positive end of the adapter wire, and the Black fan wire to the negative adapter wire. (If not sure which is positive or negative dont worry, after you plug in your fan you dont see it spin, just disconnect and reverse the wires :D)

    7.Twist the wire connections so they are very tight and secure together.

    8. Your wires should now look similar to this.

    9. Your All Done!!! Plug it in to test it and enjoy!!! :smoking:

    PS: As I said, if you plug in your fan and it does not turn on, try reversing the wires.
  2. Don't you want to cover those bare wires with something?

    Edited to add:

    Seriously, bare wires like that are a shock hazard and a fire hazard. A little electricians tape to cover them is good, or even better get some of those screw-cap wire connectors at your hardware store.
  3. LOL I was so stoned when I put this together that I forgot the last pic for step 9 hahahahahahaha:smoke::smoke:


    There u go lol, MAKE SURE you cover the wires or you will blow your fusebox rite off the wall haha :rolleyes:
  4. I know how to do this
    but this guide is good

  5. There you go! :D
  6. +1 thanks
  7. *** grin ***

    Man you must've been really REALLY stoned.
    All PC fans are DC powered not AC!!!!!
    They will never work on 12V AC.
    So get a 12V DC adapter.

    And if you do have a simple DC adapter and manage to short circuit the wires the fusebox is not gonna save you.
    The power supply will overheat and may burn to a crisp.
    The good news is that you cannot get electrocuted with such a DC adapter.
  8. This is a good guide for the pc fans with that type of wire and if u only want to use one fan.

    Another way is to use fans with the other type of connection and just use a pc psu - it will power a bunch of fans in a row since each fan comes with an input AND an output.

    great guide.
  9. yeah lol I just re-read what i wrote whil stoned and i made quite a few mistakes:rolleyes:

    Yes the pc fan needs to run on a DC adapter NOT AC, and I did have an instance where my wires shorted eachother out and blew out my house's elctricity. I went downstairs reset the fusebox and everything was fine :D

    But yeah this guide is for all the people that constantly ask how to set up a pc fan without a Computer Power Supply, so there you go and I appologize for all the mistakes lol "A Stoner's Mind Is Only His Own Sanctum" hehe

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