wiring help for fan + controller

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    Is there anyone that can translate this diagram into moron? That would be pretty amazing...
    Is it possible to wire the motor so it plugs into a speed controller outlet? And nothing else? Judging by the picture It looks like it wants to get spliced into a yellow power wire as well as into the speed controller but obviously im not using this fan for that type of in ceiling application.
  2. you could do what i done and wire a plug and socket onto the speed controller, then just plug your fan into the speed controller.
  3. Very simple bro if you cut a power wire with male plug end still on it you have (white)witch on the diagram is common and allways coomon for that matter (black) is your hot wire in diagram as 120 60h so power goes in though speed control at 120 and out at what ever nob is set at that simple (so white goes strait to motor black goes out of control to motor. )

    (Brown)is for specail motor with kick down thats why its dotted line cause you ownly need it if motor hase it.
    And (green) is ground "ground mount box if metal"

    but i agree with dude i like to run white stait to plug (black). (White) through light switch then through motor speed control then to plug so light switch turns it off instead of unpluging it and could still plug male puge in to timmer and plug what ever in to control plug female end
  4. If you do have brown you can see it is just tied to black with built in diod

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