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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Sade, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Hey guys just want to make sure I get the proper wires connected together in the wago connectors. So which colors go together?
  2. Anyone?
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  3. Huh looks like you have European wire colours on one side which I know are
    Brown - live
    Blue - neutral
    Green - earth

    The other side from looking on Google looks to be us/Canada colours which look to be
    Black - live
    Silver/grey - neutral
    Green - earth

    So I would say black with brown, blue with grey and green with green but I'm sure you have it sussed out by now!
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  4. What he said. I usually think in terms of passing out / death. Black is full dead, the next closest is brown like a brown out so that always goes to hot. Neutral is white like still alive or in the case of 220v its blue like you're going to pass out but maybe probably still live which is bad but not as bad as brown or black. Green is always earth ground like mother earth.
  5. Oh sorry guys I figured it out.

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