Wiring CFL's

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  1. This is a pretty basic electric question, but I've got a normal 4foot cfl set up, the pins for the lights are allready wired into the balast, but i have a white wire and a black wire. Anyone know how to write these up? Thanks
  2. hi mate all lights are different.

    1. is your bulb intermal or external ignitor.
    2. are there any markings where these wires are connected to.

  3. I've got an external bulb with a black magnetic ballast. T12 ballast. There is set of black wires running to one socket and a set or red wires running to another socket, those wires are already wired into the balast. Then there are two other wires coming out of the balast. One wire is white with black stripes, and the other is just solid black. Any insights?
  4. im not 100% sure, but i wired up a ballaste in the kitchen the other day(because i have a grandmother who likes to do everything herself and i was in my room high because it was 4/20, well she dropped a metal thing on her foot and we had her go to the hospital.....i did it as soon as she left) and i believe one is to ground the relector thingy that they sit in, dont quote me, just call homedepot or an electrician you might happen to personally know.

    sorry i cant help, my lights had internal starters
  5. If you're talking about the input feed to the ballast, then you wire the white one to the neutral wire in the romex (white) and the black wire to the hot wire in the romex (black) and then the bare copper wire (ground) of the romex gets wired to the grounding lug on the actual lamp fixture.
  6. That makes it clearer to me.

    So if I took a normal 3 prong plug, I wrire white to white, black to black, then the ground from the 3 prong plug gets attached to the grounding lug in the lamp? Thanks for the help :)

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