Wiring a volt/watt meter to driver

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  1. I've got a qb96 and hlg185h 54a driver on the way. I also ordered a digital meter to wire in for adjusting wattage. I see that it's got two wires per side,do I just wire it inline how it looks like it goes?
  2. That's correct. there are two main kinds internal and external shunt either way you are just placing this inline pos and negative in one side and out the other
  3. I'd like to think im not a complete idiot, that's what I thought, lol. I just wanna be able to fine tune this beast. Thanks for for the confirmation though.
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  4. Have you seen the Samsung Sun boards? I was thinking of getting some to play around with. They've got the Emerson effect boards for like $18 a piece.
  5. 20190810_195703.jpg
    Ebay? I have an hlg qb 35 it's their red supplemental board I'm going to be using it in the next couple days, as my grow is just ending stretch vertical growth has stopped
    If you add those reds too early it can cause stretching.
    I also just got a qb 11 in deep blue.
    I like lighting also , so I say go for it.
    I'm planning a strip build one day.
    I'm journaling my grow with far red initiation and added reds over in the indoor section titled "coming out of the closet " if you want to check it out
  6. Yes sir,Ebay is my jam. I dont fuck with Amazon. I figure at those prices,why not give it a try. Samsung is crushing shit,now getting in on the grow tech. I'll def check it out if I can find it somehow.
  7. Here's a good place to start with strip builds https://ledgardener.com/diy-led-strip-build-designs-samsung-bridgelux/
  8. Nice, that'll give me something to read. Im always about increasing yields. Hoping to bank about 12/14oz on my next crop coming down next Saturday. I've got 8 in 3gal pots in my 4×2. I'm using a Blackdog phytomax2-200 and a Maxsisun 600(276actual). I've been averaging over 12oz per round. It's enough for me and my dad,who was diagnosed with lung cancer,I make him edibles. I just wanna do the same,or better,with less wattage.
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  9. You can get a pound out of a 4×2 no problem with QBs.
    I've got 14 ounces out of my 2×3 the last 2 runs for the 3rd I mainlined those plants in the journal I expect 1 pound
  10. Like I said,always trying to improve. What size pots you use in your 4×2? My blackdog puts off a ton of heat, trying to get away from that. Hoping to get another qb96 soon. I think two of those should rock and roll my 4×2.
  11. They will definitely rock a 2×4 they are kinda perfect for that footprint I'm blasting my 2×3 with 60,000 lux they can't really use any more than that and I'm only using 240 watts the 320h 54a will push to 350watts so 2 is enough for sure
  12. I'll be running two off of 185h 54a,individually.
  13. Only better
  14. Can someone help with a diagram on how to wire a power meter to 2 qb96 and the driver please.
  15. Can you post a picture of the backside of your meter? Some are different but they all install inline . The type I use has positive and negative in and a positive and negative out. It installs directly after the driver, before the lights. Sorry about the drawing its 4am here. Lol 15973094798088873541998892487404.jpg
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