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Discussion in 'General' started by Hashplant, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Well, I live in the country and only have dial-up for my desktop computer and its slow as hell. Last night I re-did one of my rooms upstairs that I was using for storage and made it into a smoke room. Well, I brought my laptop in for some tunes and realized I had a wireless connection :eek:!!

    I checked it out and its a low connection but enough to get on the internet and it is also an unsecure network meaning no password is needed to get on it.

    My question is, can I get in trouble for using this and can the people that own it see what I am going on?

    Thanks in advance. :wave:
  2. As far as I am aware, yes and yes. But they wont now its you unless you are the only person with computer access in the area. Unless they do some crazy tracking shit.
  3. Also dial up? Fuck that.
  4. Yes, I know. Dial-up sucks. And if they can see what I'm going on, can't they find out all my passwords and possibly even see this message that I'm typing right now?

    Shit, now i'm scared.:(
  5. Actually I'm not sure on that part I think they would at least need to be somewhat computer savvy wait till the tech guys get here lol.
  6. The owners can only see your i.p. adress. So they can find out it's you, but even if they do, i don't think you'd get in trouble for it.
  7. But technically isnt it "stealing"?
  8. They can see my I.P. address, so can they see all the sites I go on?
  9. No i don't think so but with my limeted knowlage I think they "could" request a list of sites visited from there SP but don't hold me on that lol.
  10. Technically, if your on their network, and they are smart enough, they can do pretty much anything.
    What I would try to do is locate whos connection your on.
    If you need to you can google it and it should give you some things to try.

  11. Fortunately most people are not smart. Plus there leaving there wireless network wide open so you can assume they don't know to much about computers.
  12. Well, if they knew alot about computers, I think they would have put a password on the network so hopefully i`m safe.
  13. Indeed.
  14. Or maybe they purposely left it open so they could snoop? Ive known people who do that.
    Easily the best way to obtain files obscurely.

  15. That is some gritty shit right there. I got a friend that has been using someones wireless connection for years.
  16. Word, a gritty response to a thief :)
  17. What do you mean they can obtain my files obscurely?
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    Chances of this are totally rare, chances are your just one some noobs network who didnt secure it and your fine. Your in the country.
    But, theres always the possibility (super small) that thats not the case. When your on someones network, its easier to do some searching through your pc.
  19. you can get in trouble but really its not a big deal & if your getting a wirless connection that means some one must have a real internet which means you can get some real internet to.. so
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