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wire size

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Cacao420, Jan 7, 2013.

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    hey guys i was on here before as LucSTR but i totally for got my info since i was last on. i move and i have more space:) so im setting up a 4 light system and i have a heilos 4, now my question is what size wire should i run from the breaker (30amps) to the heilos 4? i have looked up on google and saw people use 10/3 for ranges and dryers but i dont know. kinda want to use 8 or maybe even 6 any input is very much appreciated.
  2. man no one? well im going tomorrow gunna get the 10/3.
  3. That size will be fine plenty for that.
  4. 10/3 is the correct size for 30amps of 220v. The 8/3 costs like ten times as much if i remember correctly, so its really not very practical. I think i paid 150 or so for 200' of 10/3, only needed 60 feet, the 8/3 was over $500 for only 50 feet! It means it would be cheaper to run two lengths of 10/3 and buy another light controller than it would be to run 8/3 to a larger controller. At my last big spot i elected to do just that and ran 3 8 light controllers with 10/3 for much less, especially since i would have still needed two runs of 8/3 going to two controllers, saved over 1k on wire by doing that, and the three 8 light controllers cost about the same as 2 12's.
  5. awesome thanks guys really appreciate it. its been a pain trying to get the room light proof. it all coming together tho. just took my cuts off the mothers a few days ago. im workin with Chem 4 and Romulan. once i get my camera fixed ill have pics up. still have to fix 2 ballasts fixed 2 yesterday. i hate piecing this all together but it saves me some scrilla so i can make the little i have go farther.

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