Wire Mesh in Acrylic Bongs?

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  1. I have an acrylic bong. Inside the bowl, there is a wire mesh circle at the bottom covering the whole. I've heard that it's better to take it off? Is this true or not and what different does it make and what is the wire mesh supposed to do?

  2. Is it a glass bowl or a metal bowl ? You had me scratching my head there for a second to be honest. It sounds like you're describing the screen. People use screens to keep burning embers out of their mouths (if they are using dry pipes, not bongs) AKA scoobies. When I smoke pipes I usually have schwag (crappy weed) and I break it up pretty small and throw it into the bowl. The screen helps to keep the smallest pieces of the weed from getting sucked into my mouth before it even gets a chance to be combusted.
         It's up to you whether or not you want to use a screen. The bong water will prevent any scoobies from being sucked into your mouth I imagine. I'm not a bong expert though so, your mileage may vary, as they say.
  3. Sounds like a screen ma friend. They keep your bud from falling through the hole, if you don't already have a grinder I suggest get one and grind up your weed so more of the surface area is exposed, the screen will prevent it from falling, they sell screens at headshops also, they are very cheap.

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    A picture would help me be absolutely sure.
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    Yer, a screen sounds like the right thing.
    Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. Sorry I couldn't get a picture of my actual bong. One of these is pushed into the bottom of the bowl covering the hole leading into the stem. Stopping bud falling through makes sense.
  6. You'd probably want to keep your screen until it gets clogged, which will happen eventually. Replace it after that point.

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