Wipeout on ABC

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  1. I love this show so much.

    Really its just a bunch of people - a lot of which who are totally unfit for the challenge - going through crazy obstacle courses.

    Its hosted by John Anderson (sportscaster) and John Henson (former host of Talk Soup) and they have great commentary, give the contestants nicknames, doctor footage.. makes the show hilarious.

    Here's a great highlight reel of one of their favorite contestants..


    not sure if there's a way to embed video, so there's the link
  2. yeah its a great show, so retarded but awsome 2. lovin the wipeouts on the BIG BALLS!! i wanna do those obstacles so bad evan though id just WWWIIPPPEEOOUUTT!!! ahahaha
  3. this show is really really lame imo
  4. are you serious? that shit's hilarious
  5. I watched this once, seems like a less entertaining version of MXC

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