Wipe Standing up

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Madster, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. yea this is kinda random but i heard some people wipe standing up WTF can anyone confirm this,
  2. Another troll? Sigh ;\
  3. troll wtf?
  4. if your talking about wiping poop out of your butt standing up, then yes, I do.

    You got a problem?:cool:
  5. Is there a way to wipe sitting down?!?!
  6. troll wtf zomg lollerz!!!11!!!!1
  7. If you wipe back to front, you run the risk of getting shit on your dice.
  8. when dry your ass after a shower, how far do you go up the crack??

  9. Wouldn't be surprised, I know a woman that does...no dice. Get it ;)
  10. i do it in a squatting position, im not sitting or standing straight
  11. Yes sir, I have heard of this. Those "standers" must have dirty asses, even if they say differently.
  12. Troll or not, this son of a bitch is going in the Box. Like, now.

  13. Poodog wipes sitting down like a dainty dignified little school girl
  14. Come on, Durchii

    We want to know where you stand

    Get it
  15. On two feet.

    I'll let you put two and two together.

  16. I am a reformed upstanding wiper.

    I do not know why I made the change, it just happened.
  17. I've always wiped standing up
    how do you even do it sitting down? do you stick your hand between your legs or scoot off the toliet a little and go 'round the back?
  18. Agreed.

    I've tried to do it sitting down, I refuse to believe it can be done without an enormous struggle.

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