[WIP] Custom LED PC Grow Box - 54w Led Custom Panel - 2 Bag Seeds - Ultra Stealth

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    So I am really bored and I can't wait for outdoor season here in Canada so I started building a pc grow box which I will use to veg my plants for outdoors, take a clone or two, and grow some plants in it and outdoors. For this grow I am going to use some bag seeds I found from some premium kush, probably one of them is bubblegum kush, and the other is purple haze or sour diesel. Bought a case for $35 from tiger direct, have some silent but really powerful (high static pressure for a pc fan) 120mm fans, made everything light proof literally tested it with 4 23-26w cfl's (except pc fans that will be done as soon as I get my carbon filter + dust filter long story). The case is not the tallest but I believe I can maximize my yield and get a minimum of 30grams with my hard core lst, defoliating, and scrog.

    For my LED's I am making a 54w LED panel with 3w Leds. 13 red (650-660nm) and 5 blue (450-455nm). Waiting for my parts to come in these guys are really annoying. I'll post pictures of it when it comes.

    My power supply I stripped it and attached a 6 plug power bar to it soldered it for maximum stealth.

    I'm contemplating what kind of pot i should use. Should I cut up two tropicannas and then tape them together or should I use a clay pot or a plastic container. I need to maximize growth in the small area and try to keep my pot 5" or less so yeah.

    Anyone has any ideas or questions?

    Edit: Forgot an attachment. Case size is 17" tall (decent my led panel is going to be around 2" tall max, 16.5" long, and 8" wide so its decent but most of the taller cases are 7" wide so I guess that counts for something

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    looks good man, definitely going to be watching this.
    sure you will be able to pull over 30g in there with some nice LST / Scrog.
  3. Looks good so far. 2 things.....First of all never ever ever buy orange strawberry banana tropicana!!!!! Second have you thought about a small airpot or smartpot? They can help keep your roots from getting bound in a small container.
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    I mix my vodka with it though :D. I have thought about it but the problem is the height. I am trying to maximize the room so something long but holds a decent amount of soil works. Like the container I found in my attachments (new one).

    Yeah I'm going to do a mix of lst & scrog definitely and possibly a top or two

    I put on the other fan, hopefully going to get some activated carbon at the pet store today if I'm not lazy. I made everything completely light proof just need to make the fans the intake fan will probably have a dust filter on it while the out-take fan will have home made carbon filter. I also fixed up the side door making it perfectly light proof by removing some of the electrical tape and then sitting on the edges of the door lol works perfectly the cheap metal moulds in place when I sit on it :-D. My fan controller never came yet :-( I don't really want to do a lot of soldering on the fans just in case I switch them out for more powerful ones and then use them for my gaming rig.

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  5. I got my aluminium sheet base for my led panel going to put some adhesive heatsinks on top of the sheet and under the bottom ill be attaching my LED stars with arctic silver glue. Hopefully my leds will come next week their currently at customs I believe. As soon as I go to my pet store ill be picking unp some activated carbon making a DIY filter :D love my DIY products

  6. sounds good man, will be interested to see how the LED is put together.
    I noticed you said you ordered fans with a high static pressure, what was the pressure rating?

  7. theones I have right now is 1.28mm2o @ 17db and the ones I ordered are 2.54mm2O @ 20.1db

  8. sounds like a good balance, thats the only problem with needing higher pressures, the added noise that comes with it. But 20db is still fine tbf.

  9. It'll do perfect as leds do not create as much heat as cfls.
  10. My leds & led driver came today. 13 660nm and 5 455nm royal blue. Going to mount them onto my 6"x12" aluminum sheet using Arctic Silver Adhesive Thermal Paste. Then I will need to figure out a way to mount it on my PC case. Ill probably so this by the end of the week and hopefully my 120mm dust fan filters comes in so I can light proof this case fully

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  11. Okay so I blew the led driver now I have to order a new one lol but yeah I started solderig all the leds ans they seem to be all working I also positioned the lwds wrong so sad :-(

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  12. how many watts are the leds, and how much did they cost, i wanted to build something like this a while ago but never did
  13. Lol lookin good so far, interested to see how itl perform.

    I might build a veg only LED array for my Mother / cutting cabinet, atm there is only a 35w Blue and its too hot.
  14. And then what happened....?
  15. Hey man I'm super interested in what your doing
    Ho it going so far?
  16. Keep the good work. I'm doing a similar grow, but im using 1W leds, cuz they got really hot on 3W.

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