Wintertime Car Sex

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  1. Not sure if this belongs here or in the Planes, Trains and Automobiles forum, but I'll post it here just to play it safe. 
    This girl I got sweet with and stuck organs inside of in high school (read: not that long ago) has been hitting me up lately and I feel that if I play my cards right, we would again copulate. The problem I've incurred is that I'm at home (with my family) until mid-December and my parents don't approve of this gal, so I can't take her back home. It's also -10*F with windchill so my go-to outdoor spots (the island, the woods, the cliff) are bust and the only (hopefully) viable option is my car.
    So, bottom line: If I let my car idle with the heat on, will the exhaust fumes kill my partner and I mid-coitus? Is there any other way to make this work?

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    Lol. Well I don't know what kinda car you have.. But no. Unless you've got a hose pipe going from the exhaust through your window or you're someplace with no ventilation for a long time (ie. Garage).

    P.s. I don't know why I feel like I have to say this maybe it's the question, but be safe ;)
  3. hotel, her house, sneak her into your house when your parents are gone or sleeping, friends house if you have any friends willing to do that, abandoned house or barn or something?? you have some options, although they are all pretty shitty lol.
  4. lol no the fumes will only kill you if your car is entrapped in a closed space. Like a garage... IDK how much time you need, lol but it's probably not adviced to do this for a long amount of time.. good luck. I'd probably find a different place though. car sex in the cold sucks.
  5. Why don't your parents approve? Is she a hoe bag?
  6. . .
  7. Dude drive your car somewhere you aren't gonna fucking die unless u still have your car in the garage yet.

    I can't believe I just took the time to answer this.
  8. no your good! that shit gonna steam up good -10 goddamn!
  9. Dude what, the exhaust fumes??? What kind of car do u have lmao!!!
  10. no u wont die but it sure would be a good way to go!
  11. if you put a hose in your exhaust pipe, and snake the fumes into the car while the windows are up, you may die...

    otherwise, people would die sitting in traffic jams

    go knock that shit outttt
  12. Dont kill ya battery n be stuck with her. Tap that booty and send her home
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    not necessarily. a guy i knew from high school was killed a year or two back when the jeep he was a passenger in got stuck. all three people died.
    but on the other hand, i've fallen asleep in a running firebird for three or four hours, so.. i guess its a lottery of sorts.
  14. I've done it you will be fine. Just need to have the car outside.
  15. Has sitting in your car with the heat on killed you yet? If not, then you 2 should be fine.

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  16. No lmao you won't die.
  17. sneak her into your sex
  18. Man, I had a van like that back in the day. It was a 1976 Ford Econoline 150. Mine was clean, had some nice wheels, a luggage rack and a ladder on the back. It was fire engine red and was all carpeted inside. It had a bed too. The chicks loved to fuck in it. That was a long time ago.  

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