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  1. I'm using a root cellar for a grow room which, other than me having to relearn my growing techniques (it's been about 10 years since I last grew), has worked well so far. Summer temps never got above 80 degrees with the T5 equipped mother/clone box I built and a 400w HPS for flowering. I do run a fan full time during the daylight period to exhaust the warm air.
    The room is roughly 9'x10' with a 7' ceiling. When empty ( no lights, fans etc.) it stays at 50 degrees in the winter. this winter I'm hoping my lights will keep the plants warm enough during the day and plan to vent for about 5 minutes once an hour to replenish the air in the room. to keep the temps up. I was thinking of running the intake air into my light reflector, hoping that the light will warm it. Again, the fan for venting the room will be off at night.
    Other than slowing the growth, will my plants be harmed by  50 degree evenings?
    Is it more inportant that the roots are kept warm, the plant itself, or both?
    The cost to heat the room, plus the strain on the circuit is on prevents me from just adding a small space heater in to bring the temps up. I do have some ideas in my head to make a cost effective heater, but not enough to bring the whole room up an additional 10 degrees.
    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Unless you get a temperature picky strain, you should be OK imo, maybe slower growth than normal but I doubt your plants will die.

    I have a girl outside that has been flowering in temperature ranges of 33f to 50f for the past few weeks with no bad signs, she was just a bag seed, no special genetics intentional.

    Setup and plants should help keep the temps warmer for you.

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  3. I've also have 4 outside and they're doing fine in the 40-80 swing that's happening now here in new mexico. They can take it as long as they don't get frosted.
  4. Mine actually toughed it out through 2 frosts - forgot to cover before I left for work. A little droopy after first frost, the second frost didn't seem to actually hit the treeline so it didn't really feel it apparently - weather said 36 degree low that night, get out of work at 4am to a frosty wind shield...

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  5. Thank you for the replies.
  6. Why not get an oil radiant heater? Much cheaper to run than space heaters.

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